Xiaofang Error CCTV Camera Solution with Firmware Update

Smart CCTV cameras at low prices made by Xiaomi with the Xiaofang brand are indeed selling well in the market. However, a few moments ago there were many complaints from users that streaming displays to Android phones were having trouble even though the user did not make any changes in the settings menu.

CCTV Xiaomi Xiaofang trouble not connecting to Android phone

I myself as a user of the Xiaofang CCTV camera also felt the effect, where suddenly when I opened the Mi Home application from an Android cellphone and wanted to open the realtime video display it always disconnected even though it was repeated many times and the Wi-Fi network was also smooth.

Even had time to go back and forth to uninstall and reinstall the Mi-Home application with a different version so that the Xiaofang camera could be accessed again from an android smartphone. But again the result is nil.

Xiaofang CCTV Camera Firmware Update

There is one solution I just tried to solve the problem Xiaofang CCTV that can’t display images to Android phone ie do a firmware update.

Initially, I was hesitant and worried when I decided to update the camera’s firmware, because when I first bought it, the seller was advised not to update the firmware, which supposedly said CCTV could not work properly.

It turns out that the reality is different, after updating the Xiaofang CCTV firmware and using the latest version of the Mi-Home application, the camera can be smoothly connected to an Android phone. In fact, all features can be accessed and activated.

Even though I have never updated Mi-Home, which when this article was uploaded, it was version 6 and above. I’ve always used the old version of the Mi Home application and never tried to update the camera firmware.

How to Update Xiaomi Xiaofang CCTV Camera Firmware

For all friends who want to update the Xiaofang camera firmware that can’t connect to an Android cellphone, you can use the steps below.

  1. The admin assumes that all of you have connected your Android phone to the Xiaomi Xiaofang CCTV camera from the Mi-Home application
  2. Even though the streaming display can’t be accessed, it doesn’t matter because we want to update the firmware first
  3. Enter menu Profile >> Settings >> Check Update
  4. Make sure the Internet connection is connected and wait for the server to detect the CCTV device
  5. When a page for firmware updates appears, just click the “Updates
  6. Wait until the process is complete and after that try to exit the application
  7. Reopen the Mi-Home application and try to access CCTV again

Also make sure that the location access alias GPS on the phone is activated and using the latest Mi-Home application from the Play store. And don’t forget the location selection must be “Mainland China

If you are still having problems, try to reset the camera by selecting the Plus sign icon in the upper right corner of the Mi-Home homepage. Perform the steps until the end of the fund, also make sure the Wifi network at your house is smooth.

There is even a friend of mine who has done all the tips above but always fails, it turns out that the problem is not because of the settings in the application or his Xiaofang camera but the wifi password at his house that has changed.

If you change your WiFi password or password, you will automatically have to re-setup the camera. Where CCTV Xiaofang will always detect and connect to a WiFi network with a fixed password.

It is important to note, that all the steps above are purely my experience dealing with the Xiaomi Xiaofang smart camera which always has trouble not connecting to Android. So for all of my friends who want to update the software and experience failure, it’s not my responsibility, you know, hehe. So first, you have to be intentional and believe, if it works, Alhamdulillah, if it fails to update the firmware, it can cause the camera to be unusable, aka a malfunction.

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