Withdraw money at BNI ATM without card Via Mobile Cash

The process of withdrawing money at an ATM machine without using a card is a new trend in the banking world today. Where to make it easier for customers to make money withdrawal transactions even though they don’t carry a debit card, they can still be done, and other benefits can minimize card loss due to being swallowed at an ATM.

BNI mobile cash - take money without an ATM card

Likewise, BNI bank customers who want to make money withdrawal transactions at ATMs can use the “Cash Withdrawal” feature in the Mobile banking application. This feature is the first step when we want to take money without using a debit card at an ATM machine. (Also read: How to Register for BNI SMS Banking through ATMs and branch offices)

Is the Cash withdrawal feature without a BNI card safe to use? Very safe, where the transaction and authentication process is carried out in layers, starting from the transaction stage from the account holder’s mobile banking to the withdrawal process at an ATM using an OTP code sent to the destination smartphone (Money taker) . ( How to top up OVO balance via BNI and Mandiri mobile banking)

How to Use BNI Mobile Cash

There are two steps that must be taken when you want to withdraw cash through a BNI ATM without a card, namely accessing the Mobile cash feature in the banking application and the second making a withdrawal transaction at an ATM.

First stage – Mobile Cash Access

  1. Run the BNI mobile banking application and log in with your account Username and Password
  2. After successfully logging in, select the menu “Mobile Cash” on the main page
  3. On the next page, select the Destination option, select “Self” if you will take it yourself, or “Someone else”.
  4. Underneath it type nominal money which will be withdrawn later (Multiple of IDR 50,000 to IDR 1,250,000), Press the continue button
  5. Insert Transaction password and continue the process by pressing the next button
  6. You will get a transaction note, in which there is a Transaction number which will be used later at the ATM machine (For convenience, please save or screenshot the note display)
cash withdrawal menu in the BNI mobile banking application

Second Stage – Withdrawal at ATM Machine

  1. To access the cardless cash withdrawal feature, first press the Hot-key button (Enter or “Accept” button Green color)
  2. Then select the Mobile Cash menu and enter transaction code as in the previous step, then press the continue button
  3. SMS OTP Code from BNI will be sent to your mobile number, enter the code
  4. If the code is correct, then the money withdrawal transaction process can be continued.

If you want someone else to take money, such as a relative who doesn’t have a bank account, then you want to send money via the mobile cash method, this is easy to do.

Simply select the “Others” option when selecting a destination in the BNI mobile banking application. Later you will be asked to enter the mobile number and name of the recipient. Where the process of taking cash without a card is the same as the step above, where the OTP code will be sent to the recipient number which will be used for verification at the ATM.

So in conclusion, by using the Mobile Tunai feature, other people who do not have a BNI Bank account can also withdraw money without an ATM card.

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