WhatsApp Message Format to Get 3 Months Free Electricity Token (April-June 2020)

In the previous tutorial I have shared how claim Free electricity credit through the official PLN website. On this occasion, the admin again gave tips on the format of WhatsApp messages to take free electricity tokens from government subsidies related to compensation for the impact of Covid-19 in Indonesia.

WA PLN message format to get free electricity credit

Maybe some PLN customers are not familiar with accessing the site through a browser, whether it’s using a smartphone or computer. But I’m sure that many cellphone owners use the WhtsApp application for social interaction, so claiming electricity tokens via WA short messages is certainly easier and faster, even saving data quota than accessing a website.

As is known, for 450 VA and 900 VA electricity customers who will get a free electricity fee or 50 percent discount. Where all 450 VA customers receive subsidies in the form of free monthly bill fees. As for the 900 VA power type, you get a 50 percent discount, and all of this is given specifically for electricity users who have been previously registered for the subsidized group.

How to get a free Electricity Token Code Via WhatsApp

  1. Save number PLN official WA 08122123123 to your phone
  2. Then open the WhatsApp application and start chatting for the first time
  3. We can start a text message by writing ‘Free electricity‘ and Send
  4. After there is a reply, Enter meter number or Customer ID and send it back
  5. There will be a reply message from PLN in the form of 16 electricity token numbers
Collecting tokens of electricity via WhatsApp PLN

The 16-digit electricity pulse number can be used only one time input, and you can get it back the next month in a row for 3 months free of electricity costs, from April to June 2020.

The short WhatsApp message to the PLN service above can also be used to check or confirm whether we have received electricity subsidies from the government related to covid-19 compensation or not.

If when you try to enter a Customer ID and the response is something like the sentence “Sorry, compensation tokens are currently only given to household customers with 450 VA and 900 VA power..” It means that you are not a subsidy customer.

If you are still confused whether you are the type of customer with subsidized electricity or not, you can look at the power code on the meter or payment receipt. For example, power users with codes R1M/900 VA and R1MT/900 VA are not subsidized types, while codes R1 or R1T are types of customers who are compensated for electricity costs.

Video tutorial Claim free electricity token Via WhatsApp

That’s a short tutorial on the format for writing WhatsApp messages to take or claim subsidized electricity credit, hopefully it’s useful and don’t forget to Like Share Subscribe after watching the video, thank you.

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