Tutorial on Making Smartphones as Microphones on Laptops

Unlike laptops, PCs don’t have a microphone by default. So, when Skype or recording video with webcam, your voice can’t get to PC. Actually, a microphone can be used in a headset, but specifically for voice recording, the audio quality produced is not that good. The solution is to use the smartphone as a flexible PC microphone.

make android into a microphone on a laptop

This method is often used in recording podcasts or recording sound when shooting youtube content as an alternative. Because of that, we will discuss about third-party apps that can turn a smartphone into a microphone.

Even though currently using the built-in microphone of an Android smartphone or iPhone is easier and the results are also good, but it doesn’t hurt us to know how to make our cellphones into Mic for Laptops as recording media and the results are also good.

Using the WO Mc App on PC

The best and free app that you can use in this case is called WO Mіc. This application can connect a smartphone with a PC via a USB cable, Bluetooth and Wі-Fі. The second and third options allow you more freedom when holding and using the microphone.

WO Mіc has a very low latency or delay rate. Even though it has premium features, the free features include everything you need. Plus, WO Mіc is compatible with a variety of PC applications. What needs to be prepared and how to connect it? Check out the following explanation below.

1. Install WO Mіc on PC

First of all you need to download the WO Mac client and its drivers on PC. Open the WO Mac website, then download the application listed in points 2 and 3. After the download is complete, install all the applications, starting from the driver, then WO MEC client for Windows.

2. Install WO Mіc on Smartphone

WO Mіc is available for Android and OS based smartphones. You can download it from the developer’s official website, but to minimize the hassle, it’s best to install it from the respective app stores.

3. Run and Connect Two Devices

After the app is installed on each device, then you have to connect the two. First of all, first run WO Mіc on PC and smartphone. Then select one of the Transport options you want to use, either via USB, Bluetooth, Wі-Fі, or Wі-Fі Direct.

To set it up, on your PC app, click on the ‘Connection’ menu, click on ‘Connect’, then select Transport Type. Meanwhile on smartphones, you can find the following menu under the option ‘WO Mc Settngs’, then select ‘Transport’. For other setting options, leave as is.

Connecting the phone Viaі Bluetooth

Make sure you turn on Bluetooth on both devices, then connect your smartphone device from the Bluetooth settings on the PC. For Windows 10, open the Settings menu, go to Devices options, click Bluetooth & other devices, then turn on Bluetooth. From here Bluetooth PC will scan for available Bluetooth around.

When your smartphone name appears, click and pair. Usually you need to enter the code that appears on the computer screen into the box provided on the smartphone. Once the two devices are connected, enable Transport mode, Bluetooth in the app and the WO Mc client. After that, click the Play button on the WO Mc app on the smartphone to start recording audio or using the microphone.

Connecting the phone viaіUSB

This method only works for Android devices and make sure you have installed your smartphone driver on PC. To use the USB nі method, you must also enable USB debugging first in Developer options.

Every smartphone has its own way to enter Developer options, so it’s best to find the right tutorial for your phone. Download Mc WO in Wndows, select USB as the Transport type, the settings click OK, and in the WO Mc smartphone app. Then click the Play icon on the smartphone to start activating the microphone.

Connecting a smartphone Viaі Wі-Fі

This method is suitable if you have Wі-F at home, so that all devices can connect to the same Wі-Fі network. The trick is to select the Wі-Fі option on the WO Mc app, wait for it to connect, then click the Play icon on your phone to start using it.

In Windows clients there is a P in ops Wі-FІ address box, but you don’t need to change it. As a side note, the way to connect to WhatsApp cannot be used if you use a WMS service such as WiFi.id from Telkom or the like. Must use Wі-Fі which does not need to enter the login portal first.

That’s the tutorial to make an android smartphone as a microphone on a computer or laptop that the admin can share, hopefully it will be useful for all DuniaAndroid readers.

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