Tutorial Download Photo and Vector files on Freepik for Free

Freepk is one of the best places to get free vectors and photos. How to download it is quite easy, you can download vectors and photos without having to create an account first. There Freepk provides a variety of vectors and photos that you can download or download for free without paying any fees.

download files on freepix for free

Not only that, the vectors and photos found on Freepk have various types and categories that you can customize according to your needs. In addition to providing a free version, Freepk also provides a premium version. The premium version is intended for professional design needs, because the images offered on the premium version are much more complete and varied.

There are two tips that the admin shares in this session, namely how to download photo and vector files for free and also paid or premium. So don’t equate those who use money with free ones, of course there are benefits and advantages for premium accounts.

  • First go to www.freepіk.com. Then create a new account, to create an account, please click Sign Up and follow the next instructions.
  • If you register to be a part of the freepk, you can get many benefits. For one thing, you can download images with bigger borders every day. If you don’t register, the download limit you get is very low. Please adjust as necessary.
  • Then find the vector or photo you need in the search box. In order to get maximum search results, don’t forget to use keywords in English. Actually, you can use the key word in Indonesian, but the result is less than optimal.
  • When searching for vector images, you can use the Popular button to view the most popular vector images or photos. However, if you want to view a new file you can use the Recent button.
  • Then click on the vector image you are looking for to start the download. On this page, you can find information about the design. Please read the details first, who knows it will be useful later.
  • To start downloading the file, just click the Download button on the right.
  • Then a Pop Up menu will appear, to continue downloading, please click the green Free Download.
  • Then the image will be downloaded automatically. Wait until the image download process is complete. If the image is not downloaded automatically, you can click Click here to start downloading.
  • You can also embed an image into a site or other media by clicking Copy and Download, then paste the link.

Tps Download Photos and Vectors with Premіum

If you want to get a premium design, of course you have to pay a monthly subscription fee. By subscribing, you will become a premium user. There are many advantages that you can get when you become a premium user, one of which is that you can download premium designs, without limits and without ads.

• Even though the designs we get are free, we must not use the designs arbitrarily. Why demіkіan? This is because the files on Freepk have different licenses, both free or premium versions.

• It is not allowed to resell the images or designs that you get from the freepk.

• You cannot download the premium file for free, you must pay a fee in advance to download the premium version of the image or version.

That’s the information we can convey about Free Download Tips. Actually, the method that we share here you can do without having to create an account first, but you can’t set a very low download limit per day. Don’t forget to share with other friends who need it

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