Tips So YouTube Premium Can Be Free Without Subscription

One of Google’s products, namely Youtube, has a Premium version, where users can enjoy ad-free facilities, streaming original music and videos can still be played in the system background even if the screen is turned off.

You can get free YouTube premium directly

With YouTube Premium we can enjoy streaming videos of exclusive original content, Watch and listen to streaming music and can download them to be listened to even if the cellphone screen is turned off.

The current YouTube Premium subscription price is Rp. 59,000 per month with a recurring billing system. Payment can be via HP Credit Deduction or via credit/debit card. And according to the terms and conditions if we read, the price can be different for some regions.

The free trial for 1 month can be used by YouTube video connoisseurs to just enjoy watching without any ads. Where we can pause or deactivate YouTube Premium before the free limit expires or changes to a subscription.

Although in terms of the monthly price of YouTube Premium for some people it can be said to be cheap, but many also object to the tariff side and the admins themselves don’t really want to subscribe.. hehe.

How to make YouTube sound even when the screen is turned off and how see the history of youtube videos that have been watched before.

YouTube Premium Tricks Can Be Free Forever

Many have asked the admin how can we activate YouTube Music / premium free version continuously for more than 1 month?

This is where the topic starts to get interesting to discuss, where even though it seems impossible for users of applications belonging to a giant company like Google to be tricked, there are still gaps to outsmart them.

Actually, the method is quite simple to outsmart so that the 1 month free YouTube Premium subscription limit can continue to be used without paying monthly, The trick is to change accounts just.

Still remember the free storage space limit for Google Drive which is only 15 GB for one google account (per-GMAIL Email)?. Where we can get more storage space just by switching accounts alias using our other Email addresses.

Just like in this discussion, To always be able to enjoy YouTube Premium for free continuously, just switch to a google account. The trick is to create a new G-mail account on your cellphone when the 1 month limit for free YouTube Premium is almost up.

To change accounts on Youtube is very easy, how to open the application and press the menu in the upper right corner. Press the arrow next to the account name, then select the google account you just created. If you haven’t created a new Gmail address, we can create it from within the YouTube application by pressing the ‘ button.+‘ and do the google account creation as usual.

The email address that has been used to activate the free YouTube Premium has already passed the subscription period but you deactivate the subscription feature, then it can no longer be used to enjoy the free version.

Conclusion, Just change your Google account when the free YouTube Premium expires. With the new Email address we can try again to get 1 month free YouTube Premium again, and so on.

So, actually, we don’t have a lot of Gmail addresses in vain. Each time each of these accounts can be used to store data on Google Drive, it’s pretty good to get 15 GB of storage space for 1 account and you can imagine if we have a lot of Gmail addresses, right?

That’s the tips’outsmart‘ the validity period is one month for free YouTube Premium so that you can continue to enjoy the freebies, you only need to sign in to another google account, hopefully it will be useful and use this trick wisely.

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