Tips for Hiding FB Status from Friends or Boyfriends

Status updates that we do on Facebook can basically be seen by everyone, including those who are not yet friends with us. Even though at certain times we may want our FB status not to be seen by certain friends because of privacy concerns.

hide FB Status from Girlfriend or friends

Maybe we’ve seen a friend who posts a status on Facebook but we don’t see it, it turns out that there are other friends who can see the status, or vice versa. That’s because our friends put restrictions on their status privacy settings.

We can even make FB status so that only one person can see it and exclude all existing friends. Or want to someday change the privacy settings of the existing status made so that only we know, everyone can not see anymore.

In this tutorial, the admin will discuss it for all of you, even the youtube video tutorial for hiding status from friends or girlfriends is also ready for you to watch.

How to Hide FB status

Facebook privacy settings
  1. Open the facebook application, then open the page to make a status post.
  2. the next step is to enter the privacy settings, it is located under the name of your FB profile (see sample image)
  3. On the privacy options page, there are 5 options, namely Public, Friends, Friends except.., Certain Friends and only me. Please choose which one you want.
  4. For example, if you want your status not to be seen by certain friends, select “Friends except..“, then tick each name.
  5. When you’re done setting your privacy, press the back button on the screen and start writing, uploading pictures or videos for status updates.

Then what if you forget not to change your privacy settings and then rush to upload a status post, can you change the privacy?

Yes, just re-open the status that you have created, then go to the menu options in the right corner of the three dots and change the privacy.

For those who are still confused, you can watch the following Facebook tutorial youtube video:

Hopefully the tips on setting the privacy of the visible FB status so that the friends we want can be seen above can be useful. For those who watch the video, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. Thank you.

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