The Latest Way to Check Internet Quota Remaining on IM3 and Telkomsel SimPati Cards

One way to save on internet data usage is to always check the remaining quota on our cellular card regularly. Like the IM3 Indosat Oreedo operator customers and Telkomsel Simpati card owners. Don’t let your main credit be cut off because you don’t know your internet data has run out before the active period ends.

How to Check IM3 and Simpati quota

As for how to check whether the remaining IM3 or Telkomsel internet data quota can be through several methods, such as via SMS, typing the USSD code in the phone interface or directly accessing applications from each operator, such as the MyIM3 application for Indosat users and MyTelkomsel for Telkomsel card customers.

For some Simpati or IM3 card users, checking the remaining internet quota is an easy matter, but some other customers who are new, of course, feel confused about how to do it.

Not to mention if the service provider changes the menu order, whether it’s adding a menu with new features or updating its interface, of course, customers who are not used to it will be more confused and afraid if there is an error in the order.

Therefore, the admin will share the latest tips on how to check the remaining internet data of IM3 and Telkomsel cards, whether you just bought a package or have used it for some time so you need to make sure whether it can still be used or not.

How to Check Telkomsel Internet Quota Remaining (SimPati)

Check Telkomsel's remaining internet
  1. Open the Phone Application and type the code *888#, then Send
  2. Type the number 6 to select the option “Check Credit & Quota”, Then send it back
  3. Choose Number 2 which is the menu “Check quota” and resend
  4. On the next page select the option “Check quota” and send
  5. Wait for Telkomsel’s reply SMS containing information on the remaining amount of internet quota and its active period.

How to Check IM3 Internet Quota Remaining

Check the remaining Indosat IM3 internet
  1. Open Phone and type code *123# and press send button
  2. On the main page select number 8 which is the menu “Info”, then press send
  3. Type the number 1 for the menu “Check quotaand send it back
  4. Then select the menu “Internet packages“number 4 and send
  5. Wait for an SMS reply from IM3 informing you of the amount of internet quota and the active period

By accessing the USSD code *123# (Indosat) and *888# (Telkomsel), besides being able to find out the remaining internet packages that we have purchased, we can also use to check the remaining main credit while buying internet packages and other services.

Thus a brief discussion of the latest way to check the remaining internet data of Indosat IM3 and Simpati Telkomsel card operators, hopefully it will be useful.

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