Solving WhatsApp Incoming Message Notifications not Appearing on the screen

Although the WhatsApp application is very light to use for chatting and video calling, there are problems that arise on some of its smartphone users. One of them does not appear warning incoming messages, be it personal chats or from group chats.

turn WA notifications on and off

Maybe for some people reinstalling the WA application is the fastest solution, but that doesn’t mean it can solve the problem and sometimes it causes some messages to be deleted and have to do some initial settings which actually takes time.

There are several things that can cause incoming message notifications on WhatsApp not to appear on the screen, thus making users late to read and reply to messages. One of the causes that often arises is the inactivation of notification settings, whether intentionally disabling them or due to smartphone system errors.

To solve the problem of not showing incoming WA chat warnings on Android phones, just take a look at the following steps to solve them.

1. Restart smartphone

The first step when experiencing various android applications that don’t run normally, whether they often close themselves or some menu functions can’t work, can try reloading the phone system.

By rebooting or restarting Android, it is hoped that any crashes or system failures can come back fresh. Likewise, when there is an incident that the WhatsApp application has a problem with incoming messages not appearing on the screen.

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2. Clear WhatsApp cache

Clearing the cache has no harmful effect, instead it will make the system and apps run smoothly.

The large number of cache files that accumulate in storage space can aggravate the performance of hardware such as processors and RAM. So that periodically cleaning the cache is highly recommended, even now almost all types of smartphones already include junk and cache file cleaner applications.

The manual way to clear the WhatsApp cache is very easy, just open the settings menu on your cellphone, then go to the application section, select Whatsapp. Continue on the storage option select the cache and do the deletion.

3. Activate Message Notifications from the WA Application

From within the WhatsApp application itself, notification settings are included, whether it’s changing the ringtone, displaying messages floating on the screen and so on. As for making sure message notifications are active or not, check in the following way.

WA notification settings in the application
  1. On the WhatsApp application homepage enter the menu, it is located in the upper right corner
  2. Select Settings, then enter the menu “Notifications
  3. Enable option “Use high priority notifications“if it’s still inactive”
  4. Also check the Group messages section
4. Enable WA Notifications in Phone Settings

In addition to the WhatsApp application, you can also activate or deactivate the WA message notification feature from the smartphone settings, the method is as follows:

WA incoming message alert settings on android
  1. Open the settings menu and go to the Applications section
  2. Select WhatsApp, then go to the Storage menu
  3. In the options section “Show Notifications“, make sure it’s active.
  4. When done, close the smartphone settings menu again.

5. Reinstall WhatsApp

The final step if all of the above methods do not solve the problem, usually the problem is in the application. It could be because one of the files in the application is missing.

Uninstall the WA application and reinstall it by downloading it from the google play store. And this last option is likely to solve the problem of incoming message notifications that don’t appear on the cellphone screen.

Those are some steps for solving the problem of not showing the WhatsApp incoming chat warning that the admin can share, hopefully it will be useful.

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