Solution For Vivo Y91 Password Forgotten Without Dongle or Flash

Forgetting to access the Vivo Y91 HP screen lock security is a problem for the owner. Maybe the problem will be solved if it is taken to a service center, but for those who want the experience of opening a screen pattern or PIN, it will certainly be a matter of pride and knowledge can be passed on to other friends.

Vivo Y91 forgot Pattern Password

Breaking into the Vivo Y91 lock pattern can be done even without a re-flashing process, such as using a special repair dongle, through software unlock and several other methods. And the easiest and the focus of this tutorial is to reset the Vivo screen security using the help of an application that is run through a PC.

How to Bypass Vivo Y81 Screen password without Flash and How to unlock Vivo Y83 Forgot Pattern / PIN

Many of the HP Vivo Y91 owners try to reset their cellphones when they have forgotten their PIN or screen lock pattern. However, when you enter recovery mode and run Wipe data, the system asks to enter a pattern or PIN.

Solving Vivo Y91 Screen Forgot PIN / Pattern

Before doing the Vivo Y91 Unlock Screen, first do the following preparations:

Extract all the files that have been downloaded and also install the USB driver so that later the PC system can detect the Vivo HP. Make sure the Data cable is also still functioning properly so that the connection is smooth during the unlock process.

Process to Unlock Vivo Y91 without Box / Flasher

  • Turn-Off / Turn off the Phone and Don’t connect the data cable first
  • HP Off position, Press together Power button and Volume updon’t let go
  • Release both buttons when the page appears FastBoot Vivo
  • Select menu Recovery ModeUse the volume up and down buttons to select and the power button to perform the command
  • Wait for the phone to reboot and the Recovery page appears, then select Advanced Mode
  • Connect the USB cable from Computer to Vivo, then select menu Reboot With ADB
Advanced recovery Vivo
  • The phone restarts again and the home page appears with the screen still locked
  • Wait until the PC detects the new device, then go to the section Control Panel and open Device Manager
  • Look in section Ports & LPTand note the value of COM which is in ‘Gadget SCD VCOM Driver
  • Continue opening the Vivo ADB Format Tool Software
ADB Software Format Tool Vivo
  • Enter the same COM number in the column provided, then press the button btn2
  • Press the OK button when there is information the process is complete
  • Wait for the phone to reboot and do the data wiping process
  • After the automatic restart, a welcome display appears indicating the unlock process was successful

    Perform the initial setup process such as choosing a language, internet connection, inputting a google account and others until the phone can be used as usual without being hindered by a screen lock pattern.

    Besides being able to bypass the Vivo Y91 screen lock, the method above can be used to unlock the Vivo Y81 Y83 V11 Screen and several other types that use the MediaTek Chipset.

    Even with the ADB Format Tool software, it can also be used to bypass / Bypass google account verification on Vivo Y91 after the reset process and forget the Email account.

    That’s the tutorial on how to Unlock Vivo Y91 Screen Pattern / PIN using a PC without flash and dongle, hopefully it’s useful.

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