Screenshots of Redmi Note 9 Pro with Buttons and Screen Swipe

In mid-June 2020, Xiaomi launched two of its newest products in Indonesia, namely the Redmi Note 9 and Note 9-Pro series. The speed and performance of these two Android smartphones made in China also deserves thumbs up by bringing features and specifications that are okay to have.

Screenshot of Xiaomi redmi note 9 pro

Among several features that are common and often used by Android cellphone owners, namely the screenshot function. However, there are still Redmi Note 9 and 9-Pro users who are still confused about how to take a screenshot using a finger swipe on the screen or manually, namely a combination of physical buttons.

One of the Screen-capture functions or often called Screenshots on Android phones is to take pictures of the display on the cellphone screen, then save it to memory and photo files can be viewed in the smartphone gallery.

The screenshots on the Redmi Note 9 / 9 Pro can be used for personal documentation or shared with friends via other media. For example, screenshots of WhatsApp conversations, friends’ facebook statuses and other purposes.

How to Screenshot Redmi Note 9 Pro

There are several methods of capturing screens on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 or 9-Pro cellphone, starting from using the buttons on the cellphone, swiping the screen with three fingers and pressing the screenshot shortcut button on the top screen.

Screenshots of REDMI with Button

  1. Specify the display to be shot on the screen
  2. Then press the volume down and power buttons together for about two seconds
  3. Release both buttons when the screen is flashing and a photo thumbnail appears in the top corner of the screen
  4. The screenshot image file can be viewed by opening the Gallery application on the smartphone

Screenshots of REDMI with three fingers

  1. Position the content on the screen where you want to save the image
  2. Put three fingers together, position them at the top of the screen, then swipe down
  3. If the camera shutter sound or screen flashes, it means that the photo file has been saved

Screenshots of REDMI with Shortcuts

  1. Position the screen display you want to photograph
  2. Then open the top taskbar menu, how to position one finger on the top screen, then swipe down
  3. Several shortcut menus will appear, press the screenshot button
  4. At that time the screen flashes a sign that the screenshot is successful

Several screenshot methods on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 / Pro cellphone can be the choice of each smartphone owner which is considered easy.

If the admin himself prefers the screenshot method using the gesture function, namely swiping the screen with three fingers because it is easier and rarely fails when taking pictures.

The same way can also be practiced when you want to take screenshots on Redmi Note 7, Note 8 and several other types of Xiaomi products.

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