Overcoming Forgot Password Login in Shopee Application

Access to login to the shopee account in addition to entering the username must also input the password as a verification method. Where when you don’t remember one of them, such as forgetting a password, for example, it can actually be accessed again by replacing it with a new password.

the solution for forgetting shopee login password

The problem is, many of the Shopee application users are confused when they forget the passcode to enter their account. Even when you decide to create a new account, it turns out that the cellphone number that was made to register has been detected by a user.

Actually, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your shopee account password. We simply do a reset and re-create a new password.

Where are the conditions that need to be prepared to restore a shopee account that has forgotten the password, namely a mobile number that is still active and has been previously registered.

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The mobile number is usually a substitute for the username during the login process. So even if our shopee account is stolen by someone else, don’t worry, because we can take it back with a verification method from the cellphone number that we have and registered in the shopee system.

How to Restore a Shopee Account Forgot the Password

As for the steps to reset the password in the shopee application, you can see below:

Forgot shopee login password
  1. First Open the Shopee Application and press the Login button
  2. If the case is forgotten password, then select the option that says ‘Forget ?‘ to the right of the password field.
  3. Then enter the mobile number that has been registered in your shopee account for the verification process.
  4. After pressing the button ‘Carry on‘, wait for an OTP SMS from shopee containing a verification code.
  5. After receiving the code, enter it immediately and press the ‘Continue’ button.
  6. On the next page, please create a new password that is easy for you to remember. Then press the ‘ buttonReset‘.
change shopee password

After changing your password, try to re-login in the Shopee application. If it turns out that the password is correct and successfully entered your account, it means that the reset process was successful.

Not receiving SMS OTP code ?

Many also ask, what if the OTP verification SMS does not appear even though they have repeated the code request?

If this happens, first make sure the signal conditions are good and the registered mobile number is still active.

It’s not uncommon for us to open problems with our cellular card or cell phone, but the Shopee system is late in sending messages.

The easiest way if you haven’t received a verification code for a long time, then there is another easier option, namely via a phone call.

Don’t worry, the one who makes the verification code phone call is the Shopee system, so you don’t need to spend credit for it.

The methodwhile on the code verification page, go to the option ‘I did not receive the OTP code‘. Then select Phone call and wait for shopee to call you.

Don’t forget to prepare stationery to record the code spoken by the shopee system. If so, immediately enter the verification code so that you can reset your shopee account password.

Thus a brief discussion on how to reset a Shopee account password if you forget it, hopefully it will be useful for all readers.

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