Is it important to advertise on Instagram and what is the promotion strategy?

Instagram advertising services provide services to you to promote the business or services you run using the popular Social Media platform in today’s world. It is undeniable that Instagram is not only used as a place for you to capture moments through photos or videos, but more than that, the enthusiasm for using Instagram encourages many people to use it as a lucrative job, be it by advertising or not.

advertising strategy on instagram

Instagram is a social media application created by Kevіn Systrom and Mіke Krіeger and launched on October 6, 2010. The development of Instagram can be said to be quite fast and can be used by various groups regardless of age. In addition to supporting the existence of users, Instagram is a place to express yourself freely without limits.

There are so many advantages to using Instagram compared to other social media such as Facebook, Twitter or otherwise. Due to the large number of IG users in the world, it is possible to run online marketing methods quickly and for free. How to download Instagram Video Reels and save to phone gallery.

Advantages of Using instagram

In using Instagram, various advantages are used by Instagram advertising service providers in introducing the business you manage, even in terms of its products or services to the wider community. Rapid technological advances, coupled with quality features on Instagram, make the combination of the two very suitable to be used as digital marketing media.

1. It’s easy to do promotions

Because almost everyone uses Instagram as their social media, it’s no wonder that in promoting, Instagram advertising services can easily introduce your business because millions of pairs of eyes are ready to see and understand the business you offer if it is packaged well and attractively.

2. Diverse Audience

Because anyone can use Instagram, a wide variety of audiences, from young people to the elderly can watch the ads you promote. This can increase your chances of getting into the market because anyone can see your ad.

3. Easy to Use

One of the useful features of Instagram is its easy-to-use or user-friendly nature. It doesn’t take you long to learn how Instagram works, because the available features are included with easy-to-understand symbols.

Promotion strategy through advertising

Various kinds of convenience in using Instagram as an advertising medium, still require the right promotional strategy and in accordance with your target goals. Starting from paid promotions, Instagram updates and giveaways. The use of these three types of strategies is often used by Instagram advertising services to maximize the promotion of your business. And proven, your business promotion can be conveyed well.

1. Paid online promotion

Paid promotion using influencers or people who have a big influence on Instagram. With many followers or followers, this is used by the advertising service Instagram to use influencers to promote the business.

2. Maximize the IG Stories feature

IG story is the latest feature that is often used by Instagram users in uploading various activities, especially through videos or photos within 24 hours. Instagram advertising services can use Instagram account features to simply introduce a business in a very short period of time.

3. Promotion with the Prize method (Giveaway)

Gіveaway is a business promotion strategy where business managers use influencers who are able to attract other Instagram users to find out more about the products offered. Just like paid promotions, the difference in giving is that there are some rules that Instagram users have to follow in order to get the product.

4. Make use of video Reels

At the end of June 2021, there is the latest IG feature called Reels. Where users can make short videos like in the TikTok application with a duration of 15 to 30 seconds.

By utilizing Reels IG, promotion and marketing of products or services can quickly go viral and spread. Even if the videos we make attract other users, followers will come naturally.

Effective use of Instagram

Next about Instagram advertising services is the extent to which Instagram is effective in using Instagram for digital marketing. It is important for you to pay attention to adjusting your business marketing targets so that they are right on target. In 2020, the use of Instagram is still very effective because its features are always being upgraded according to user needs and are user-friendly.

1. Enhanced Features

Due to the increasing need for social media, Instagram always optimizes its features to make it easier for users to upload various types of content, including promoting business, both with business and personal accounts.

2. Explore the features

The roaming feature, which has now been classified into various categories, makes it easier for Instagram ad services to place your business promotion according to user interests, so that the promotion target is in accordance with the marketing target.

3. User Friendly

The effectiveness of Instagram cannot be separated from its user-friendly use. Imagine if Instagram is difficult to use, maybe until now many people have not used Instagram as their personal social media.

Thus the discussion about the importance of advertising on Instagram media to accelerate the sales and popularity of our business. So, don’t wait too long, start now to popularize your merchandise or business on IG.

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