How to Video Call on a Laptop? Check out How!

It is undeniable that WhatsApp is a messaging and video calling application with the most users in the world. In addition to the application that is light to run, the server is also fast in processing sending and receiving messages. Even the video call quality is also relatively stable even on the 3G network.

how to whatsapp laptop video call

What becomes a lot of questions for some computer users is whether they can make WhatsApp video calls via a laptop. Where on the desktop version this video call feature is not included, only chatting and status updates can be done.

But for all of you who are eager to try video calls on WA using a computer device, you don’t need to worry, because there are already many emulators that can run various android applications on laptops.

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Of course, what needs to be considered, on the laptop there must be a camera or webcam that is still functioning properly so that you can chat via WhatsApp on a PC.

How to Make a WhatsApp Video Call on a Computer

  1. Run Browser on Computer and visit the official site BlueStacks app
  2. Download and install the application, then run it
  3. Go to google play store on BlueStacks and sign in with your Email account
  4. After successfully logging in, install the WhatsApp application first
  5. Once installed, run WhatsApp on BlueStacks and continue verifying the cellphone number
  6. When you are done, on the main WA page, enter the “Call” menu and look for the number you want to call
  7. Press the Video Call button to make a call
place the WA video call menu on the computer

Keep in mind, BlueStacks is an android emulator, where all android applications can be run on a computer. So when you run WhatsApp on a laptop with a cellphone number that has been used for the WA application on a smartphone, the one on the cellphone automatically cannot be used.

To return to using the WhatsApp account mobile number on a smartphone, you must re-verify. So in conclusion, even though it looks troublesome, for those who really want to experience video calls with a wide screen display on a laptop, you can practice the above method.

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