How to Unlock Vivo Y81 Forgot Pattern / PIN without Re-Flash

It is very inconvenient if one day the Vivo Y81 Phone forgets the pattern or screen lock password that has been made so that all applications cannot be accessed. If so, then doing the Unlock or bypass process so that the screen is not locked anymore must be done immediately.

How to Bypass Vivo Y81 screen password pattern

At a glance about the Vivo Y81 Smartphone, it is equipped with the MediaTek Helio P22 Chipset equipped with a 6.22-inch Fullview screen with HD + and IPS Display technology. It features a 13MP main camera and a 5MP selfie camera and has a 3,260 mAh battery.

Many of the Vivo Y81 users who forget the screen lock pattern try to open it with the Wipe Data method. But when Wipe is done from recovery mode, it still asks to enter the Pattern or Password to unlock the screen.

There is the easiest way to Unlock the Vivo Y81 screen without using a dongle or deciding to re-flash, namely by using a PC and software called Vivo ADB Format Tool which is light to run and the file size is very small.

How to Bypass Vivo Y81 Screen Pattern / Password

Before carrying out the Vivo screen unlock process, first prepare the equipment below:

  1. PC/Laptop device and USB data cable
  2. Download software Vivo ADB Format tool (via Google Drive)
  3. ADB Installer USB Driver (Google drive)

When everything is downloaded, first install the USB ADB Installer driver to the PC so that later the computer can detect the Vivo HP when it is connected with a data cable. Also extract the DB file format tool which will be used to unlock the Vivo screen.

How to Unlock Forgot Pattern Vivo Y81

  • Turn off the smartphone first and turn on the PC
  • When the screen is off, Press the physical button Volume up + Power together, don’t let go
  • When there is a view Vivo Fastboot Moderelease both buttons
  • Choose Recovery ModeTo select use volume up down button and to execute it with power button
  • Wait until the phone restarts itself and enters the Recovery mode page
  • Next select menu Advanced Options in the lowest position
  • Connect the data cable from PC to Phone
  • Then select the option ‘Reboot with adb‘ vivo Advanced Mode page
  • The phone will restart and when it’s on, wait for the PC system to detect the new device
  • Open the Device manager view on the computer to find out where the VCOM port is.
  • In the Port (COM & LPT) section, see if you see the words ‘Gadget SCD VCOM Driver (Comx) or not yet
  • When you have, write down or remember the COM Port number listed
  • Next, open the Vivo ADB Format tool that was extracted earlier
bypass lockscreen vivo Y81 adb format tool
  • Enter the Port value in the app and press the button btn2
  • Press the OK button when there is a confirmation finish, Wait for the phone to reboot again
  • When it is lit, there will be a display Wipe data and will restart again
  • Wait until the Funtouch OS welcome screen appears
  • After that, the phone can be used again and reset the language settings, internet network, location, google account and others until it enters the main screen.

Some may ask, why is there a floating menu display on the right side of the page that says ‘Samsung’?, That is Engineering Mode menu.

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To remove the Pop-up menu is very easy, Double-tap on the shortcut, when a notification appears ‘Close floating window‘ just press the OK button, then the shortcut is gone from the screen.

Close shortcut engineering mode vivo

The above method can also be used for Bypass FRP google account Vivo Y81. And the same way can be done to bypass lock/Pattern screen HP Vivo Y91, Y83, V11 and several other types that use MediaTek chipsets.

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Note: Formatting or wiping data will delete all data files on the phone, such as contacts, SMS, application data, WiFi or internet network settings, downloaded files, photos in the gallery and other files.

These are the steps for the process of opening the Vivo Y81 HP screen that forgot the pattern or screen lock, hopefully it will be useful and share if it is useful.

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