How to Top Up ShopeePay Balance Via BNI and Mandiri Transfer

One of the main payment methods recommended by Shopee Online stores is ShopeePay. However, buyers can also choose other options such as bank transfers, credit cards, Indomaret, Afamart and others.

Transfer Shopeepay ATM Mandiri and BNI

The advantages and benefits of using the payment method via ShopeePay is the potential to get free shipping. Where one of the conditions that must be met by every Shopee shop buyer is choosing the ShopeePay payment method.

Therefore, when we choose payment via bank transfer, even though the minimum value of getting free shipping has been reached, we still won’t get it, except using ShopeePay. (Also read: 2 Ways to track J&T Expedition Shopee Goods Shipments)

In addition to getting free shipping, using the payment method with ShopeePay will speed up the verification process after checkout. Unlike other payment methods, you need to wait a while for Shopee to receive incoming money.

As for those of you who are still confused about how to step activate ShopeePay accountThe method is very easy, which is as follows:

  1. Run the Shopee application on your smartphone, then select the menu ‘I‘ which is in the lower right corner.
  2. Then open the menu “ShopeePay“, and agree to the terms that appear on the page.
  3. After that, you will be sent an OTP code, in the form of an incoming SMS to the mobile number registered in your Shopee account for the verification process.
  4. After that, create a PIN code with a 6-digit number and the digital wallet account is ready to use.
Activate shopeepay

After activating ShopeePay, to shop, you must first fill in the digital money wallet. One option is through bank transfers, either via ATM, Mobile and internet banking.

How to top up ShopeePay balance via Mandiri ATM

  1. Insert Debit card into ATM and login with your PIN
  2. On the screen select menu Pay/Buy
  3. Continue selecting options Other >> Other >> Multipayment
  4. Enter ShopeePay code 89308, Select “Right
  5. Continue to enter code 893 08xxx (Your Shopee account mobile number), Example 89308081335123456, then select ‘Right‘.
  6. Enter the amount of money to be entered (Topup), Minimum IDR 10,000.
  7. A summary of information will appear on the screen, make sure the merchant appears, namely ‘ShopeePay‘ and there is Shopee account username you are listed.
  8. After reading and correct, press the number 1, then select Yes.
  9. Check the confirmation screen and press Yes, and wait for your transaction receipt receipt from the ATM machine.

Don’t forget to check whether the ShopeePay topup balance via Mandiri ATM transfer has been entered or not by opening the Shopee application.

How to Topup ShopeePay Balance via BNI ATM

  1. Enter the ATM card and PIN correctly
  2. On the Select menu screen Other >> Transfer
  3. Select the original account type, then select Virtual Account Billing
  4. Input virtual number, prefix 8806+Account Mobile Number, Example 8806081335333123, Select Right
  5. A bill to be paid will appear on the ATM screen, double-check the information whether it is correct with the ‘Shopee’ merchant and your username.
  6. If the information is correct, select Yescontinue until the process is complete and you get a proof of payment receipt.

Top up ShopeePay balances other than via ATM transfer, you can use the Mobile banking application which is certainly faster and without having to queue at the ATM machine.

That’s the tutorial on how to add ShopeePay balance via BNI and Mandiri ATM transfers, hopefully it’s useful and happy online shopping.

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