How to top up GOPAY balance via BRI ATM and transaction admin fees

Digital account applications such as GoPay are certainly familiar to Gojek service users. Especially now that non-cash payment methods are highly recommended for security and of course easier. Well, in this topic, I will discuss how to top up Gopay via BRI ATMs and the transaction fees.

Fill in the gopay balance and admin fees

As is known, GoPay digital wallet has three types of services according to their use, including GoPay Customer, GoPay Merchant and GoPay Driver. All of them have different functions according to what transactions you want to do such as shopping, gojek drivers, digital payments and other transactions.

To be able to use it for transactions, of course, the GoPay balance must be filled in first like our personal account at the bank. And for BRI Bank customers, they can top up GoPay balances through ATMs, although there are many payment methods to choose from.

How to TopUp GoPay via BRI ATM

Previously, make sure that your BRI account is still filled with sufficient balance to top-up to GoPay. And the steps for topping up GoPay balances at BRI ATMs are as follows.

  1. Insert ATM card and select language and input PIN
  2. Then enter the menuOTHER >> PAYMENT/PURCHASE
  4. Insert GoPay code based on the type of service along with your account mobile number
  5. Next, enter the nominal balance you want to top-up
  6. Confirm by pressing the OK button and continue until the transaction receipt comes out of the ATM machine

It should be noted that the GoPay TOP-UP code is different from one another, so don’t enter the wrong code in front of your GoPay account mobile number.

GoPay TOP-UP Code

  • Code GoPay Merchant: 301343
  • Code Gopay Customers: 301341
  • Code GoPay Driver: 301342

An example of how to enter a gopay topup transaction code at an ATM machine, for example, will fill the balance in the account with the Telkomsel mobile number 081335123123 for Gopay Driver service, the writing method is 301342081335123123.

Admin fee to top up Gopay balance

The transaction for top-up balances to GoPay accounts from BRI ATMs is IDR 1,000 per transaction. The nominal admin fee can change at any time according to Bank BRI’s decision.

In conclusion, besides being able to top up GoPay balances via BRI Bank ATMs, you can also choose other options to top up your digital wallet, such as GoPay top-ups via Alfamart, BCA ATMs, BNI ATMs, MANDIRI ATMs and several other payment service places.

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