How to Take Free Electricity Tokens Via WA and PLN Site (3 Months Subsidy)

For PLN electricity customers in Indonesia, they can feel a little relieved by providing compensation from the government, in the form of free monthly fees for 450 VA power or a 50 percent discount for subsidized 900 VA.

how to get free electricity from PLN

Please note, not all classes of electricity customers get free monthly fees or discounts. Only the types of customers who have entered the list of recipients of electricity subsidies will receive compensation from the government.

To find out whether we are electricity customers who get electricity discounts or subsidies for 3 months, namely April May and June 2020, you can see the tariff code on the receipt or payment note / previous purchase of electricity tokens.

Subsidized power code

  • R1T/450 VA and R1/450 VA
  • R1T/900 VA and R1/900 VA

Non-Subsidized electricity code

How to Take Tokens / Free Electricity Credit

Free electricity credit is given to PLN customers who use a digital Token or prepaid meter. We have to take the 16 digits of the token, which can be taken in 2 easy ways, namely through the official PLN website or via WhatsApp short message.

How to Get Free Electricity Credit via WhatsApp

  1. Save PLN service WA number 08122-123-123 on your phone
  2. Open the WhatsApp application and send a message with the format ‘Free Electricity’
  3. If there is a reply to enter IDPEL or Meter Number, please enter it and send it back
  4. The reply from PLN is in the form of a free Token code that can be inputted at the electricity meter

How to Take Free Electricity Tokens via the PLN Site

Check the electricity pulse from the PLN website
  1. Use a Smartphone or Computer, Open a Browser (Can be a Chrome browser, Opera or the default phone)
  2. Go to the official PLN website address at
  3. After the page opens, enter IDPL electricity and input the security code that appears, then click the ‘ buttonSearch
  4. If successful, the description column at the bottom will display 16 free tokens

Watch the video tutorial to get free electricity credit below and don’t forget to Like, Comment and subscribe, my friend.

Those are two ways to get free electricity credit from the government from the COVID-19 impact stimulus program, which can be obtained every month during the April to June 2020 period.

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