How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A51 and save it to the gallery

The Samsung Galaxy A51 which was present in Indonesia at the beginning of 2020 added many choices for Android smartphone lovers from South Korea. Mobile phones with a memory capacity of 6 GB and 128 GB of storage on the official Samsung website are sold at a price of Rp. 4,399,000.

Screen capture of Galaxy A51

In addition to features 4 cameras on the back with a 48MP main resolution, 4000 mAh battery, On-screen fingerprint sensor and a 6.5-inch screen with Super AMOLED technology, the screenshot feature with palm swipe mode can also help Samsung A51 users to capture beautiful images. is showing on the screen.

Although almost all Android smartphones have a screenshot function using physical buttons, not all of them have the built-in screenshot feature with a finger swipe or with the palm-swipe method like the one on the Samsung Galaxy A51.

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The Screenshot function on Android phones is to take pictures of the display on the screen and save it to the phone’s memory. One example, screenshots when inbox or chat Messenger, WhatsApp, photographing friends status on FB and several other uses.

There are 2 easiest ways to take screenshots on a Samsung cellphone, namely manually with a physical button combination and using the gesture feature in the form of a palm swipe.

Screenshot of Galaxy A51 with Physical Keys

  1. First position which area you want to take a picture
  2. Then press together power button + volume down a moment ago
  3. When there is a camera snap sound and the screen flashes, release both buttons
  4. The screenshot results can be seen in the menu Gallery > Album > Screenshot.

Screenshots of Galaxy A51 with a Hand swipe

Before you can use the gesture capture feature, you must first activate the Palm swipe capture setting. The steps are as follows.

Gesture palm swipe capture samsung galaxy A51
  1. Open menu ArrangementSelect menu Advanced Features (Advanced Features)
  2. Entered into Movements and gestures (Motions & Gestures)
  3. Continue to activate options ‘Swipe palm to take picture‘ (Palm Swipe to capture)
  4. Next, first select the view that will be photographed
  5. Place your palm tilted 90 degrees on the right edge of the screen
  6. Then swipe the screen to the left (See the example in the picture)
  7. If there is a screen flickering and camera shutter sound, it means the screenshot is successful.

Similar to using the physical power button and volume down, screenshot results can be viewed by opening the Gallery, then selecting Album and the image file is located in the Screenshots folder.

Those are 2 ways to take pictures of the screen display on the Samsung Galaxy A51 cellphone. The above method can also be practiced for screenshots on the Galaxy A10, A20. A30, A50, A70 and other variants.

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