How to Stop Xiaomi or Redmi HP System Updates

Updating system software on Android phones is recommended to get the latest features and improve security. On Xiaomi smartphones, too, usually the latest MIUI version and an Android version upgrade to a higher level are offered by the manufacturer to its users as one of the after-sales services for consumer satisfaction.

stop Xiaomi upgrade

For example, having a Redmi Note 7 or Note 8 smartphone or other series, which is still using MIUI 10, can update to the Android 10 and MIUI 11 versions. Some improvements such as appearance, user interface, new features and security are definitely better than the previous version.

However, not all Xiaomi HP users can run smoothly when updating, even when in the middle of the download process they want to cancel on the grounds that it is taking too long, either because the internet signal is slow or the file is too large so they are worried about running out of internet quota.

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Then how to cancel the Xiaomi system update when the file download is too long and there is no button to cancel it?, The method is very easy, see the tips below.

How to Cancel Xiaomi Software update

bring up the cancel button when updating Xiaomi
  1. In the current download process, press on the progress bar (percentage)
  2. An option will appear to cancel or continue
  3. Select Cancel to stop the file download process

Then if later when you want to update Xiaomi you have to restart from the beginning of the file download process?. No, when you decide to upgrade the system and Xiaomi’s MIUI to the latest version, you just need to do the download step again and automatically the percentage of files will continue the previous one.

How to Downgrade MIUI system to previous version?

Unfortunately there is no menu option on Xiaomi or Redmi smartphones to return to the android version or MIUI to a lower level, for example from MIUI 11 downgraded to MIUI 10 version.

If you want to decide to downgrade MIUI because you prefer the appearance and performance of the old version, you can do it manually. Not recommended for users who are beginners and laymen.

Downgrade process can be done by going into recovery mode or through flashing. Where the old version of MIUI file must be downloaded manually from several sites that provide Xiaomi Firmware based on the selected MIUI version.

However, if you are not sure about security and are afraid that your Xiaomi cellphone will bootloop or die completely after the upgrade or downgrade process, you can immediately take it to the nearest Xiaomi official service center.

That’s an easy way to stop the system update process for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, Note 8, Redmi Note 9 and all other types of Xiaomi, hopefully it will be useful.

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