How to Show PPT Presentation Videos on Zoom PC and Mobile

The Zoom application is increasingly popular during the Covid-19 pandemic, where live video conference streaming services can be carried out remotely with many connected participants. Not only with computers or laptops, Zoom for Smartphones is also provided with various features that make it easier for users.

Showing PowerPoint ppt fie slides on ZOOM

The Zoom service, founded by Eric Yuan and headquartered in San Jose, California, provides services for free and can connect up to 100 people at once with a duration of 40 minutes. But for the paid version, many additional features are offered such as unlimited duration and Zoom rooms.

Selain untuk komunikasi tatap muka online, kita juga dapat melakukan pertemuan dengan memaparkan file presentasi via Zoom. File berupa PPT yang populer dibuat dengan menggunakan PowerPoint dapat dibagikan dan dijalankan secara interaktif menggunakan aplikasi Zoom di PC ataupun Handphone.

Slide presentasi PowerPoint dari File PPT bisa dibagikan di acara meeting Zoom menggunakan fitur Share Screen. Adapun cara dan langkah-langkahnya bisa sobat simak berikut ini.

Cara Presentasi PPT PowerPoint di Zoom

Di tutorial kali ini ada dua tips yang admin bagikan, yaitu cara menampilkan slide PowerPoint di Zoom via Laptop dan juga melalui Smartphone.

Menampilkan Slide PPT di Zoom Via Laptop

  1. Install dulu Aplikasi Zoom di Komputer atau Laptop
  2. Bila sudah, Jalankan file PPT yang sudah anda buat dan ingin dibagikan
  3. Login ke akun Zoom dan buat Room baru untuk pertemuan atau meeting yang sudah ada
  4. Tekan menu Share Screen dan pilih file PPT yang aktif lalu pilih Share
  5. Tunggu sejenak dan Slide presentasi akan ditampilkan di Room meeting

Untuk menutup sesi presentasi PowerPoint di ruangan meeting Zoom, cukup memencet ikon tombol Stop Share.

Menampilkan File Presentasi di Zoom Smartphone

  1. Install dan masuk ke akun Zoom di Ponsel
  2. Buat Room baru atau buka yang sudah ada
  3. Pilih Tombol Share dan tekan menu Screen
  4. Buka dan jalankan File PPT yang tersimpan di smartphone
  5. Tunggu aplikasi membaca file presentasi dan hasilnya akan ditampilkan ke peserta Zoom yang lainnya
  6. Setelah selesai, tekan tombol Stop share

It is easier to use the Zoom meeting feature on a computer or PC to display presentation PPT files for several reasons, such as easy to navigate menus and of course the screen appears larger.

However, the Zoom application on smartphones also has advantages over laptops, such as saving data quota because the resolution is reduced than on a computer screen.

So for those of you who often have problems with slow internet networks, you can use the Zoom application on a smartphone instead of using a PC or laptop for online meetings to make it smoother, not stuttering during teleconferences and certainly not frustrating during meetings.

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