How to Share WiFi Password from Xiaomi Phone to other HP

Many Xiaomi / Redmi phones have been able to share Wi-Fi passwords to other smartphones. Suppose you are already connected to an Internet hotspot, then want to share the password with friends, it can be done easily.

view and share WiFi passwords on Xiaomi phones

For example, on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, Note 8 and other types that already support the WiFi password sharing feature, it can be used. Later the Wi-Fi password will be shared with a QR code that must be scanned using the destination cellphone camera.

The QR code contains information in the form of the hotspot network name, security method and network password. Even when we forget what the WiFi password is, even though it’s connected, we can bring it back up by re-scanning the QR Code.

Even without using a scanner camera, there is actually another way to find out what the password for the WiFi network connected to a Xiaomi cellphone is, which is to simply use an application like Google Lens. (see also: Effects of activating Battery saving mode on Xiaomi phones)

How to share WiFi password from Xiaomi to another cellphone

Here the admin gives an example of using the Redmi Note 7, for other series such as Note 7-Pro, Redmi 8 / Pro, Redmi Note 6 and others, you can adjust.

1. Open menu SettingsThen Go to options Wi-Fi (Make sure the phone has previously been connected to a hotspot network)

2. On the connected network name display, it says “Tap to share password“, please tap once.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 WiFi password sharing menu

3. Later, a QR code will appear on the screen, so it’s easy to just take a screenshot first so you can use it later.

4. But if you have prepared another phone and are ready to scan, please scan it directly.

How to find out the WiFi password connected to a Xiaomi cellphone if you forget it and want to share it without scanning the QR code on other cellphone cameras?

The method is quite easy, if you don’t want to use the camera to scan a QR code that contains a WiFi password, please see the tips below.

1. Same as the steps above, Take a screenshot on the QR code display.

2. Then open Google lens appif you don’t have it, please download and install it via the play store.

3. Run Google Lens on the cellphone, then enter the screenshot image stored on the cellphone earlier, how to select the Image menu at the top.

4. After that, look for a screenshot of the WiFi code and information will appear on the WiFi password screen as well as the SSID name.

View WiFi code with Google Lens app

With the steps above, you don’t need to be confused when asked what the WiFi internet password from the network connected to your Xiaomi phone is, do the steps above and you’re done.

That’s how to share and find out the connected WiFi password on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 / Pro, Note 8 / Pro and several other types, hopefully it will be useful and please practice it.

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