How to Set Default Applications on all Android Phones

All files related to Android phones must be opened with an application, whether built-in or from a third party. Every Android device comes with several built-in applications to open some common types of files such as audio, video, photos, documents, and more.

Android phone default default application settings

But at some point, you may want to use other apps to open certain file formats. For example, you want to replace the default audio player with Spotfy, Joox, or another cooler audio player. Well, when we’re here, we’re going to discuss what the built-in apps on Android are and how to customize them.

What is Android Default Apps?

Without you knowing it, the default application allows you to handle an action while Android is running. A simple example is when you open an audio file, the audio player app will open automatically. Likewise, when you tap on the text in the form of a link, the browser app will automatically open. In addition to these two examples, of course there are many categories of applications with their respective functions. The thing is, customizing the default apps means you don’t have to always choose which app you want to use to open files.

Customizing Android Default Appsі

You may have come across the case where when you open you tap on a link that points to YouTube, then the app options will appear, whether you want to open the link via a browser or with the YouTube app. In newer versions of Android, these adjustments are very easy to do, but you may not find the default apps menu on older versions of Android. Therefore, try using the following two third-party apps available on the Google Play Store.

Better Open Wіth . Application

This application is useful in customizing the default application for all types of Androd. There are many categories that you can set, starting from audio, video player, browser, camera, email, and much more. First, install Better Open Wth from the Google Play Store first. The size is only about 500KB, so it won’t burden your HP.

Once installed, run Better Open Wth and select the category for which you want to set the default app. For example, if you want to set up apps for audio, tap the menu then activate the tick next to your audio player options.

In the Browser menu, you can even choose special adjustments for popular sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Now look at the bottom and there is a ‘Countdown time for this type of file’ menu. If you don’t want to wait, then tap the menu then uncheck ‘Use default countdown theme’ and set the fastest time (1 sec). What happens if the countdown is left to default (5 sec)? You have to wait until the countdown is complete before the file is played with the default application you have set.

Although it seems practical, the problem is that Better Open Wth hasn’t been updated by the developers in a while. From Android on the Google Play Store, the latest software was updated on June 6, 2018. Besides, another drawback is that you can’t set the default app for SMS, because options are available in the Android settings menu. If you are an Android 10 operating system user, changing the default software will be easier. Because this can be done by going to the menu Settngs >> Apps & notіfіcatіons >> See all X apps.

Open Link Wіth

If you want to add more complete functions, then use Open Link Wth. This app allows URLs from the browser to be moved to other apps if available. After you’ve installed the app, run Open Link Wth, then tap the Browser menu. Select the default browser you want to use. Setupcomfortable. Then how do you open a specific link or URL to the app outside of the browser? After opening the linked link in the browser, go to the menu in the browser and select Share.

Each browser has a different way to open the menu. We use the CM Browser app, so just tap the three parallel lines at the bottom center of the screen, then select Share. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and find the Open Link With icon. Tap to get application options to open links.

So that’s the understanding and how to set the default or default application on an Android phone, hopefully the short tips above are useful for all of you readers.

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