How to Send WhatsApp Without Saving Number to Phone Contacts

Many WhatsApp application users do not know that there is a way to send WA messages without saving the destination number first. In this tutorial, the admin will provide the steps and how to make posts on social media that contain WA numbers so that friends or other visitors can chat directly without bothering to save them to phone contacts.

Inbox WA without saving phone contacts

The workings of online messaging applications such as WhatsApp, imo, Telegram, Line and the like use identification of phone numbers stored on mobile phones to make it easier for smartphone owners to know other users have similar accounts.

As for the desire to chat on WhatsApp even without having to save the destination number, it’s actually an easy thing to do. Maybe you have seen links on social media, such as buying and selling forums on Facebook or Instagram that include posts like, some are hesitant or afraid to click on the link even though it has a function.

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Without further ado, let’s just look at the tips for sending WA messages without saving contacts first below:

Send WA Chat without Save Number

  1. Open the Browser application on your smartphone (You can use Chrome, Opera or your phone’s default browser)
  2. Enter the address in the format “ code+phone number(See example in picture)
  3. After that press the open button to send a request to the whatsapp server
  4. If you respond, a page will appear to divert the chat, just click the “Continue to chat” button
  5. Automatically the browser will close and the WhatsApp application will open
  6. Please chat as usual without the hassle of saving contacts
Chat whatsapp without saving contact

Notes: For the format for writing a phone number in the browser address, you must use the country code prefix before the contact number, for example, if you want to chat with the Indonesian provider number 085123456789, then the writing is “” (without quotes). You can also use the “+” prefix in front of the country code, such as +62.

For example, if you want to chat directly with someone’s whatsapp number in Hong Kong and don’t want to save the contact to the phone book, the writing format in the browser application is “” without quotes.

As for those of you who haven’t memorized some calling codes or overseas calls, admin can give examples, for example, Singapore code +65, Republic of China or Taiwan +866, Malaysia phone code +60, Philippines +63, Saudi Arabia +966, Egypt +20, Qatar +974, India code +91 and so on.

As for how to post sales or something on social media such as Facebook, WA status, Twitter, Instagram and so on whose purpose is to include our WhatsApp account number and other people can directly press the link link to chat without saving the number, you can write the link address like the example above . Just type in the post with the format number.

Automatically when friends or Facebook visitors want to chat with us, they simply press the link button and can directly inbox without saving WA contact numbers, easy and fast, right?

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