How to Send LinkAja Balance to DANA and GoPay from within the Application

Many choices of digital wallets for current transaction purposes, even one person can have more than one platform such as LinkAja, GoPay, Dana, OVO and so on. And it turns out that the transfer process between one another can be done without going through an ATM machine, just from within the application.

Send LinkAja money to DANA and Gopay

In this discussion, the admin will focus on the steps to transfer LinkAja balance to Dana and GoPay wallets. Where at certain times users want to share balances or send to others from different digital wallet platforms without going through ATMs. (See: How to top up LinkAja balance via Mandiri Mobile and ATM)

For example, there is a lot of balance stored in LinkAja, then there is a desire to send some of the balance to GoPay or DANA, then it can be processed immediately by making a money transfer transaction through the LinkAja application. (Read: How to top up OVO balance from Mandiri and BNI mobile banking)

How to Send LinkAja Balance to DANA

menu transfer money LinkAja to Dana
  1. Make sure the balance is sufficient and in full service mode
  2. Open the LinkAja application on your smartphone and log in to your account
  3. Go to the “Send Money” menu and select the “Bank Account” method
  4. Click on the “Select Destination Bank” option and select CIMB Niaga
  5. Enter the transfer code starting with the number 8095 + Fund account number, For example: 809508555xxxxx
  6. After that click the continue button and write the amount of money you want to transfer
  7. If the data is correct as expected, click the Confirm button
  8. Enter the LinkAja account PIN and wait for the transfer process to complete
Choice of Bank Send LinkAja to Dana

It doesn’t take long after the process of sending money from the LinkAja application is complete, the balance in DANA will automatically increase. To make sure, try opening the DANA application and see if the money has come in or not.

How to Send LinkAja Balance to GoPay

  1. Open and login to your LinkAja account, then select Send Money
  2. Select the Bank Account menu and the destination select Bank Permata
  3. Enter the initial code 898 followed by the destination GoPay account number
  4. Enter the nominal balance to be sent and press the check mark
  5. Confirm if the data is correct and enter your LinkAja PIN
  6. Wait for the process to complete and the balance will automatically go to the GoPay account that is intended

As for Basic LinkAja users who want to enjoy the remittance feature, they must upgrade the feature to Full Service mode.

The requirements and how to upgrade a basic account to full service LinkAja is very easy and can be done through the application or come directly to the nearest Telkomsel outlet by bringing proof of identity such as eKTP, KK Card and others.

The way to upgrade to full service LinkAja so that it is quickly granted and not easily rejected during the verification process is to make sure the uploaded eKTP photo is clearly visible, not the result of editing. Then for selfie photos holding an ID card, make sure the photo resolution is high and the writing on the identity data is also visible when zooming or zooming in.

That’s an easy way to transfer money/balance from the LinkAja application to DANA and GoPay accounts, hopefully it can be useful for all readers.

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