How to Secure WhatsApp Account with Two-Step Verification

Securing whatsApp numbers from being stolen, which is highly recommended is to activate the two-step verification feature. Thus our account will be safe and not easily broken into and misused by other parties.

Secure WA Account with PIN

Many WhatsApp account owners are not aware that their number is run from elsewhere. This is often due to the user’s carelessness when their email is borrowed or accessed without their knowledge for the verification process on another device.

The security option suggested by WhatsApp is two-step verification, where later the account will be secured with a 6-digit PIN. Its main function is that when the number is re-registered on another device it will ask for the PIN code that was previously created.

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Not only that, a request to input a security verification PIN will appear periodically to avoid the account owner forgetting the code that was previously created.

How to Activate Two-Step Verification WA

WA PIN 2-step verification menu
  1. Run WhatsApp and go to the menu, it’s in the top right corner
  2. Select Options Settings > Account > Two-step verification
  3. After pressing the button ActivateCreate a 6 digit PIN according to taste and input again for verification
  4. On the next page enter the Email Address which is used to reset the PIN when you forget it
  5. In the last section press the button DonePlease exit the settings menu
Activate WhatsApp PIN

To disable the 2-step verification PIN, all you have to do is repeat the method above, namely Go to Settings >> Account >> Two-step verification >> Disable. In that menu we can also change the WhatsApp PIN or change the Email address.

So it is highly recommended for WhatsApp account users to secure their accounts so that they are not easily accessed by people from other devices with the 2-stage PIN verification method.

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