How to Screenshot OPPO A92 with Buttons and Three Finger Swipe

The 2020 smartphone, OPPO A92, which runs on ColorOS 7.1 and has a 48 MP AI Quad camera, is a mainstay in other A series lines such as OPPO A52, A12, A31, OPPO A91 and other types.

How to Screenshot OPPO A92

With various advantages of features and functions, there are still many owners of the OPPO A92 smartphone type who don’t know how to take screenshots, whether it’s the old way of taking screenshots with a combination of two buttons or using the gesture feature in the form of a three-finger swipe on the phone screen.

Where the screenshot function on an Android phone can be used to capture images for documentation or share them on social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.

Immediately, the admin shared the screenshot steps on the OPPO A92 cellphone using two different methods that are often used to save screenshots.

The old method that has been used since the advent of the Android system has been commonly used to capture screenshots. The same method can also be used for Screenshot OPPO A92 using a key combination, see the following method.

Three finger screenshot OPPO A92
  1. First position which area you want to take a picture of
  2. Next press Power button and Volume down simultaneously
  3. If the screen flashes for a moment or you hear a camera shutter sound, it’s a sign that the screenshot was successful
  4. The screenshots on the OPPO A92 can be seen in the HP’s default Photos application
  • Screenshots of OPPO with Three Fingers

Screenshots with a three-finger swipe on the screen are the easiest and fastest to do, where failure to function is rare. Another with the key combination technique that sometimes fails and the user has to repeat it because the keystrokes are not simultaneously.

  1. Decide on the content you want to take pictures of
  2. Continue placing three fingers together on the top screen and swiping down
  3. If successful, then the screen will flash for a moment and the sound of camera shots is heard
  4. You can see screenshot photos by opening the default Photo application on your smartphone

You can also document conversations on whatsapp, messenger or other media with multiple pages into a single photo image. Just use the long screenshot feature on the OPPO A92, the method is as follows.

  1. Go to the first page you want to screenshot
  2. Then swipe the screen from top to bottom using three fingers
  3. If the screenshot is successful and there is a small display floating in the upper left corner, please select
  4. Select the Scroll option, then drag the marker until the page you want
  5. Finish by pressing the Done button or done and the screenshot is saved

That’s the easiest way to take a screenshot of the OPPO A92. The same steps can also be used when taking screenshots on HP OPPO A Series, Reno Series, Find X series and other types.

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