How to Screenshot on HP Realme 5 5i 5s and 5-Pro

Capture or take pictures on the screen of the HP Realme 5 5i 5s and the 5-pro version can use several methods. One of the most common ways to take screenshots is by pressing two buttons and without pressing the button or swiping on the screen.

How to take a screenshot on HP realme 5i 5 5s 5pro

As for how to screenshot on a Realme cellphone by pressing 2 buttons, namely Power and volume down, there are drawbacks. In addition to frequent misses and having to repeat the screenshot process, sometimes there is a fear of damage to the physical buttons.

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On this occasion, the admin will share tips on how to take pictures on the Realme 5s 5i and 5-pro screen using several methods, such as key combinations, 3 finger swipe and shortcut notifications.

1. Screenshot of Realme 5 5s/5i/5Pro with Button

realme 5 screenshot button
  • First select the view you want to take a picture of
  • Simultaneously press and hold the button Power + Volume down a moment ago
  • If the screen flashes and there is a camera snap sound, it means that the screenshot was successful
  • For a moment the screenshots appear floating in the corner of the screen
  • To view the screenshot file, you can open Gallery > Albums > Screenshots

2. 3-finger screenshot on Realme 5i/5s/5-pro

realme 3 finger screenshot
  • Activate the 3-finger screenshot feature first
  • How to open Settings > Convenience aid > Gesture & Motion
  • Then slide the slider on the option ‘3-Finger Screenshot
  • Select the viewing area you want to snap
  • Swipe screen with 3 fingers from top to bottom
  • If a sound appears and the screen flashes, it means that the screenshot was successful.

3. Screenshot of Realme via Shortcut icon

  • Specify the screen you want to screenshot
  • Swipe (Drop-down) to bring up the menu at the top of the screen
  • Press the screenshot shortcut icon

Sometimes many want to take pictures of conversations (chats) on WhatsApp or messenger with the position extending downwards, not just one screen display. On HP Realme 5, 5i, 5s and 5-pro can be used for screenshots extending down.

How to take long screenshots on Realme

  1. Open the page you want to screenshot (eg chat WA, SMS, messenger or site view)
  2. Then snap the screen in the desired method (with a key combination or a 3-finger swipe)
  3. Immediately after the screenshot, there is a small floating image in the corner
  4. Select option ‘Long screenshots‘ (long screenshot)
  5. Then slide the screen to the desired position
  6. After that press the Done button

That’s a short tutorial on how to take pictures on the screen of the Realme 5/5i/5s/5-pro using the button method, 3 finger swipe and screenshot icon shortcut, hopefully it’s useful.

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