How to Save WA Conversations Online to Google Drive

One of Google’s free storage services is called Drive. WhatsApp application users can take advantage of the cloud service to store conversation data online and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

export chat WA to google

At one time we may have a chat with a friend or someone on WhatsApp and then want to export it to other media before deleting it. There are many media that can be used to backup WA chats, such as saving them to an email account, memory card, transferring to a computer and so on.

In this discussion, I specifically share tips on how to save WhatsApp conversations to the Google Drive service. And for how to backup WA Chat to Email, the admin will share it in the next post.

How to Export WA Chats to Google Drive

Make sure all of you have an Email address (GMAIL), where only one account can be used for various Google services such as Drive, Youtube, Playstore, Search Engines, Maps, Google Books and so on.

The location of the Drive application is usually in the Google folder on the Android smartphone homepage and can be used immediately without installing it through the play store. So, just take a look at the steps to save WhatsApp chats to Drive below.

WA backup to google drive
  1. Run the WhatsApp application and open the one you want to upload later
  2. After the chat page opens, tap the three dots icon in the upper right corner
  3. Choose an option Otherthen click on the menu Export Chat
  4. If you want to include media files (images, videos, documents) in the chat, click on “Include Media”, If only the conversation just click on “No Media
  5. After that a sharing option will appear, select the Save to Drive icon
  6. In the next screen, give the document a title or leave it as the original, then select the google account (Email) used, then click on the Save button
  7. The upload process will be carried out and when finished there will be a notification on the smartphone notification screen
share chat WahstApp to google drive

To make sure the WA conversation file has been successfully saved to Drive or not, run the Google Drive application. Then search for the file and you can open it directly without using a third-party application, because the saved file is in full text format with the date, time and the friend you are chatting with.

How to Download Chat WA from Google Drive

If at any time you decide to download whatsApp chat files stored in Drive, it can be done easily, see how:

  1. Run the Drive app and find the file you want to download
  2. Then touch the three dots to the right of the file name and click Download
  3. Automatically the file will be downloaded and stored on the phone memory
Download WhatsApp chat files from drive

To find the file, open the File manager application (My Files) on your cellphone, then look for the Downloads Folder, that’s where the file is. You can Read it or share it again via social media or save it to Email to back up data.

To note, the amount of storage space on Google Drive is 15 GB for the free version. Likewise, the length of the upload process depends on the internet speed and also the size of the media file that is included.

Hopefully the tutorial on how to save WA chat files online to Google Drive above is useful for readers, thank you.

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