How to Reset and Restart HP Realme C2 and C3

When experiencing an error on the Realme cellphone, especially on the system, making the phone’s performance abnormal, such as applications that get stuck easily or go out on their own, the internet network is often disconnected, the cellphone feels slow as usual and other problems.

how to reset realme C2 C3

For the recommended solution when HP Realme C2 and C3 are in trouble, you can use the Reset option, which is to restore system settings to factory defaults without flashing Firmaware.

Not only to fix trouble on the system or applications, resetting the Realme cellphone can also solve the forgotten pattern or screen lock password and Bootlop or the screen only shows the Realme logo.

However, for the HP Realme C2 / C3 repair process that forgot the password or pattern or the system cannot enter the initial display (Bootlop), then the reset process is carried out through Recovery mode or commonly called Hard Reset.

Meanwhile, if the menu display and setting options can still be accessed, the factory reset process for Realme C2 or C3 can be easier and is commonly referred to as a Soft Reset.

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Difference between Reset and Restart

Sometimes Android HP users feel confused between two terms, namely Restart and reset. In fact, both are considered the same even though they have very different meanings and functions.

The Restart is reloading the system from the beginning until it goes back to the main display, also known as Reboot. While Reset, which restores system settings and applications to factory defaults.

While the way to restart the Realme C2 / C3 is by using the Power Button, how to press the power button for about two seconds, select the Reboot option or reload by sliding towards the green circular arrow icon.

How to Reset HP Realme C2 and C3

There are 2 methods to reset HP Realme, namely through the menu from the phone settings or by using recovery mode. Please see how below:

Reset Realme C2 / C3 (Soft-reset)

  1. Open menu Settings then go to option “Additional Settings
  2. Go to menu “Backup and reset
  3. Select the option “Reset to Factory data
  4. Continue selecting “Clear all data
  5. Continue until the phone automatically restarts itself, Done.
Realme C2 and C3 factory reset menu

Wait patiently until the Realme phone reboots and enters the initial screen for language settings, network, entering google account and some other settings like having a new cellphone.

The Soft reset feature on the Realme C2, C3, Series 3, 5, XT and several other types has different functions, starting from only restoring system settings, deleting applications, clearing contacts and call history or even resetting all data at once.

Note: For the “Clean all data” process, all files and data stored in Realme’s internal memory will be deleted, such as downloaded applications, phone contacts, network settings, user settings and so on. So first back up important files to other media so that they can be restored again.

How to Hard Reset Realme C2 / C3

If the Realme cellphone cannot enter the main screen, only the logo appears (Bootlop) or to overcome the forgotten screen pattern and password, then do the recovery reset method below.

  1. Turn off the phone and make sure the battery is still charged 50 percent and above.
  2. When the phone is off, press the button at the same time Power + Volume DownDon’t let go yet.
  3. Wait until the word realme appears on the screen, then release both buttons.
  4. On the Select Language page select Language English.
  5. Select menu Wipe Datathen enter the code listed next to the words “Please enter verification code”.
  6. After that select the option ‘Data Format‘, agree by pressing the OK button
  7. Wait for the data Wiping process to finish marked with the words “Wiped data Successfully”
  8. Continue selecting menu “Reboot” to reload the system.

After the system restarts it will enter the language selection display, continue the initial setup process until entering a google email account and the reset process is complete.

In some cases, when the Realme system error is severe, trying a recovery reset also can’t solve the problem, then the final solution is to re-flash.

Admin recommends for the process of re-flashing HP Realme, please take it to an official service place so as not to damage the warranty that is still valid if there is a firmware flash failure.

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