How to Register for BNI SMS Banking via ATM and Branch Offices

Before being able to use BNI’s SMS banking feature, the account holder must first register and activate. Where one cellular number can only be used for one account during registration and must be active.

BNI BANKING SMS format and registration

BNI SMS Banking can be run on smartphones based on Android, iOS as well as regular (old school) phones with Java, symbian and so on systems. As long as the phone can be filled with a SIM card and used for sending messages, it can definitely be used for transactions.

The registration process and SIM Card activation to be used for BNI SMS Banking transactions can be done in two ways, namely:

  1. Register and activate via ATM machine
  2. Come to the nearest BNI branch office

When visiting the nearest BNI branch office to register and activate SMS Banking, it will make it easier for customers to ask questions that are not yet known, such as how to use, Format for writing SMS Transactions such as SMS format for money transfers, purchasing electricity tokens, paying monthly electricity, paying insurance and so on.

But for some people, queuing at the bank’s customer service counter becomes very boring. Then there is another option for the cellular card registration process for using BNI SMS Banking, namely via an ATM machine.

2 Options for BNI SMS Banking Registration & Activation

1. Via ATM

  • Prepare a debit card and enter with your BNI ATM PIN
  • Choose “e-Channel Registration“, then go to menu “BNI SMS Banking
  • Enter mobile number and create 6 Digit PIN
  • Input the OTP code that is obtained from the SMS sent on the cellphone

If successful, an activation receipt will be issued and an SMS from 3346 will appear on the registered mobile number, notifying that the SMS Banking activation was successful and can be used for financial transactions.

2. Through BNI Branches

  • Bring your identity card (SIM, KTP or Passport)
  • Bring proof of savings book and BNI Debit Card
  • Go to the officer to do the registration process and activate BNI SMS Banking

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After the two methods above are done, then at that time we can directly transact financially via BNI SMS Banking such as Transfers, Payments, Purchases, e-Commerce, balance information or account mutations and so on.

For the record, make sure the main credit of the cellular card has been filled at least Rp. 2000 for one transaction, because transaction fees through BNI SMS Banking for each cellular provider such as Telkomsel, iM3, XL and others can vary.

Meanwhile, users of the SMS Banking application do not need to memorize the SMS writing format when transacting because they already use the application menu interface.

However, for those who do not want to install the BNI SMS Banking application, they can do it manually by sending an SMS to number 3346 (BNI message center) and manually typing the transaction format.

BNI SMS Banking transaction format

Menu Feature Format
Information Balance Information sal
Transaction Mutation HST
Change PIN PIN(New PIN)(Old PIN)
Change Account CHANGEACCOUNT(Account No. to be used for SMS Banking Transactions)
DPLK account INQDPLK(DPLK Account Number (BNI Simponi))
BNI Credit Card TAGBNI(BNI Credit Card Number)
Postpaid Phone XL Xplor TAGPLOR(Xplor Phone Number)
3(Tri) TAG(Tri’s mobile number)
Kartu Halo TAGHELLO(HELLO Card Cellphone Number)
Indosat Ooredoo TAGINDOSAT(Indosat Mobile Number)
Telkom TAGTELKOM(4 digit Area Code+Tel No.)
Smartphone TAGSMARTFREN(Smartfren Phone Number)
Electricity TAGPLN(Customer ID No.)
Internet/Subscription TV Indovision TAGINDOVISION(Customer ID No.)
Transvision TAGTRANSVISION(Customer ID No.)
Telkom TAGTELKOM(Customer ID No.)
E-Commerce BNI Debit Online BUYVIRTUALCARDNUMBER(Nominal)
Transfer BNI Account Transfer TRANSFER(Destination Account No)(Transfer Amount)
With news TRANSFER(Destination Account Number)(Transfer Amount)#News#
With notification TRANSFER(Destination Account Number)(Transfer Amount))(Recipient’s Phone Number)
Interbank transfer TRANSFERInterbank(Bank Code+Destination Account)(Transfer Amount)##
Payment Credit card BNI PAYBNI(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
Bukopin PAYBUKOPIN(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
Citibank PAYCITIBANK(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
CIMB Niaga PAYCOMMERCE(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
Danamon PAYDANAMON(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
HSBC PAYHSBC(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
Mega Bank PAYMEGA(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
Gem Bank PAYGEM(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
ANZ PAYANZ(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
BRI PAYBRI(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
Standard Chartered PAYSCB(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
Panin PAYPANIN(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
Postpaid Phone Indosat PAYINDOSAT(Mobile Number Indosat)
XL Xlor PAYPLOR(Xplor Phone Number)
Three (3) PAY(Tri’s Mobile Number)
Telkom PAYTELKOM(4 digit Area Code+Tel No.)
Telkomsel HELLO PAYHELLO(HELLO Card Cellphone Number)
Smartphone PAYSMARTFREN(Smartfren Phone Number)
Electricity PLN Electricity Bill PAYPLN(Customer ID No.)
BPJS of Employment Wage Recipient PAYBPJSTKPU(Bill Number)(Number of Months)
Indonesian workers PAYBPJSTKTKI(Pay Code)(Number of Months)
Not a Wage Recipient PAYBPJSTKBPU(NIK KTP)(Number of Months)
Subscription TV/Internet Transvision PAYTRANSVISION(Customer No.)
MNC Vision/Indovision/TopTV/Okayvision PAYMNCVISION(Customer No.)
First Media PAYFIRSTMEDIA(Customer No.)
Telkom Internet PAYTELKOM(Customer Number)
BPJS Health PAYBPJSTKES(Participant Code)(Number of Months)
Water/PAM and IPL PAYPAM(Name of PDAM or IPL)(Customer Number)
Ticket Garuda Indonesia PAYGARUDA(Pay Code)
sea ​​lion PAYLION(Pay Code)
Citilink PAYCITILINK(Pay Code)
State Revenue Local tax PAYREGIONAL TAX(Area)(Object No.)
UN PAYPBB(Object No.)(SPPT Tax Year)
Zakat/Infaq/Qurban Zakat ZAKAT(Name of Zakat Agency)(Nominal)
infaq INFAQ(Name of Infaq Agency)(Nominal)
Qurban QURBAN(Name of Qurban Body)(Nominal)
Insurance Jiwasraya PAYSOUL(Participant Code)
Prudential PAYPRUDENTIAL(Type of Payment)(SPAJ/Policy Number)(Nominal)
AJB Bumiputera PAYBUMIPUTERA(Payment Type)(SPAJ/Polic Number)
Personal Loan Citibank PAYKTACITIBANK(Account Number)(Nominal)
HSBC PAYKTAHSBC(Account Number)(Nominal)
DBS/Ex-ANZ PAYKTAANZ(Account Number)(Nominal)
Standard Chartered PAYKTASCB(Account Number)(Nominal)
Samsat PAYSAMSAT(Samsat Code+Pay Code)
Installment/Multi Finance NSC Multi Finance PAYNSC(Contract No.)
Adira Finance PAYADIRA(Contract No.)
FIF PAYFIF(Contract No.)
Finance/Credit Plus PAYCREDITPLUS(Contract No.)
BNI Multi Finance PAYBNIMF(Contract No.)
Astra Credit Company PAYACC(Contract No.)
Auto Credit PAYOTO(Contract No.)
SMS Finance PAYSMS(Contract No.)
PGN PAYPGN(Customer Number)
Purchase Cellphone/Phone Credit Telkomsel TOP(Mobile Number)(Nominal)
3 (Tri) TOP(Mobile Number)(Nominal)
Smartphone TOPFREN(Mobile Number)(Nominal)
Indosat Ooredoo TOP(Mobile Number)(Nominal)
XL/Axis TOPL(Mobile Number)(Nominal)
Electric Token Prepaid PLN Tokens TOPPLN(Mop ID/Meter No.)(Nominal)
Status Check CEKPLN(Mop ID/Meter No.)(Nominal)
Data Package Telkomsel Internet Credit TOPPULSEINTERNET(Tel No.)(Denomination)
XL Data TOP(Package Type)(Tel No.)
Indosat Ooredoo TOP(Package Type)(Tel No.)
Tap Cash TOPTAPCASH(Card Number)(Nominal)
Unique Top Up TOPUNIKQU(Tel No.)(Nominal)
Go-Pay Top Up Top Up Go-Jek Driver TOPGOPAYDRIVER(Phone Number)(Nominal)
Go-Pay Customer Top Up TOPGOPAYCUSTOMER(Phone Number)(Nominal)
Top Up Go-Pay Merchant TOPGOPAYMERCHANT(Phone Number)(Nominal)
Other Purchases Pertamina LPG 3KG PAYLPG3KG(Base ID)(Agent ID)(Amount of Purchase)(Shipping Date ddmmyyyy)

That’s the discussion about how to register & activate BNI SMS Banking through ATMs and branch offices, as well as the format for writing transactions via SMS for those who do not use the application display interface.

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