How to Register a New Telkomsel Card Online

Registering with any particular provider is a must. Because the government has recommended every operator user to register their card so that their identity data is safe. Find out how to register a new Telkomsel card online in the following review.

register sympathy card and AS online

After buying a new Sim card, whether it’s with a cellular operator Indosat, XL Axiata, Telkomsel or smartfren and other than that, of course, some features will be locked by the operator. To open it, the card owner must first register the card with a valid identity.

And don’t forget to unregister an unused card when you decide to buy a Telkomsel card or another operator for the second and so on, because there is a limit of ownership of the number of cards per provider for individuals. (Also read: How to transfer Telkomsel credit via Code and SMS)

How to Register a New Telkomsel Card Online Via the MyTelkomsel Application

The first step you can take in registering or registering a Telkomsel card online is using the MyTelkomsel application. This application has indeed been devoted to every Telkomel user to make it easier to buy internet packages and others.

  • Open the MyTelkomsel application on your cellphone
  • Then look for the menu ”My account
  • Then scroll down to the bottom
  • Then select “Prepaid Registration
  • Enter the NIK and KK numbers into the available fields
  • The online prepaid registration process has also been completed

How to Register a New Telkomsel Card Through the Website

Registering on a Telkomsel / Simpati card, loop or even an AS card should be done personally. This is to make the registration process safer because the identity data is only yours. How to register it is also quite easy, it can even be done through the official website.

  • Open the default browser on your cellphone
  • Access to the registration menu at the website address:
  • Then click “Get Password”
  • Wait until the password is sent via SMS to the registered number
  • Then enter the password into the column on the website
  • If more than 3 minutes, you must ask for a new password to repeat
  • Then re-check the registration data that has been registered
  • When all fields have been filled, click “Submit”
  • And wait until you get a reply SMS that the number has been registered
  • The Telkomsel card registration process is complete

Telkomsel Card Features Registration Successfully

Often every Telkomsel card user experiences failure in registering the card, they do not realize that when registering the identity card the identity data must be valid and correct. If the data is not correct, the registration process will not be successful. Especially if the KK number is already used.

Meanwhile, the hallmark of a Telkomsel card that has successfully registered is that there is no reply message from the operator’s internal network number, namely 4444. This number is in charge of collecting data after the operator user registers the card.

If the registration is successful, the 4444 number does not send any reply messages such as asking users to register or re-register. You need to pay attention if you are going to register a Telkomsel card, first know how many times the identity data has been used.

Reasons Why Telkomsel Card Always Fails to Register

If you experience continuous failures when registering a Telkomsel card, it means that some data is incorrect and invalid or even unregistered. It is possible that the data has been used so many times that it cannot be re-registered. For that, consider the following explanation.

1. Double-check the format of NIK and KK

One of the causes of failed registration may come from the incorrect format of your NIK and KK number. Therefore, you must be careful when registering a card, either online or via SMS. If the format is wrong, it is certain that the registration process will always fail.

2. Ensure the Status of Telkomsel Number

Then make sure your Telkomsel card is old or new. Know the status first, because if the response is wrong, the format sent will also be wrong because it doesn’t match the status of the card. Usually the operator will send a reply SMS regarding this.

Thus a brief explanation that you can pay close attention to from the discussion regarding several ways to register a new Telkomsel card online along with the reasons why registration always fails. Make sure the format and data are all valid and appropriate.

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