How to Reformat Realme 5/5s and 5 PRO (Factory Reset)

When experiencing problems with your Android phone Realme 5 it’s better to do a reset to factory settings first than deciding to re-flash. Where are problems such as Bootlop, many applications often crash and exit by themselves, Wi-Fi networks are disconnected, forgot screen passwords, many menus in settings do not function and other errors.

Tutorial reset HP realme

For example, when experiencing Realme 5 / Pro when turned on, only the logo appears, does not want to enter the main page menu, one solution is to return the settings to the factory version or commonly called Reset.

The terms for wiping data or reformatting the system on HP REALME or other types of smartphones are usually called Soft Reset and Hard Reset. How to Reset HP Realme 3 when the system is in error.

Where the difference between Soft and Hard reset is only how to access the menu. Soft Reset can be done while the phone can still be turned on and the settings menu can be accessed so that the process of restoring to factory settings can be carried out.

It’s different again with a Hard Reset, because Android phones can’t enter the front view and often just stop at writing or the Logo, it must be accessed in Recovery mode.

The difference between Realme 5 and 5 Pro in terms of features, prices and specifications

Factory Reset Realme 5/5s/5 Pro

This method can be used when the system can still be run and we want to overcome errors on the realme cellphone such as the application likes to crash, the cellphone is slow, the internet network often turns off by itself, even when you want to sell your cellphone so all traces of data must be deleted. Here are the steps to soft reset Realme:

1. Enter the menu Settings (Settings) and open the menu Additional Settings (Additional settings). (The menu language adjusts to your phone’s language)

2. Swipe down the screen and enter the menu Back Up and Reset (Backup and Reset)

Reset realme 5/pro android phone

3. Select an option Reset in Factory Settingslocated at the bottom (See sample image).

4. There are several menu options resetand to delete all settings and data select the option “Clear All Data“.

5. Notifications and warnings will appear, just press the “Clear Data

clear data/Wipe on HP Realme 5 / 5s / 5Pro

6. Later, Realme will restart itself, wait until the page that says “Wiping, Please wait” finishes deleting.

7. The phone will reload, wait until the language menu welcome screen page appears indicating the reset is complete and you can reset the language, location, WiFi network, enter a Google account and so on.

Notes ! Keep in mind, the factory reset process can cause all data to be lost and cannot be recovered. So if there is important data, please move or copy it to the microSD memory or other storage.

Hard Reset Realme 5/5S and 5-Pro

Then how to reformat the system or Reset Recovery mode on HP Realme 5, 5S and 5 Pro?, Check out the following method.

1. Turn off the phone first and charge it at least above 50 percent. The goal is that during the reset process the HP does not die because it runs out of power and can result in total death.

2. In the off state of the phone, Press together Power button + Volume downdon’t let go yet.

3. When realme logo and there logo powered by android at the bottom it has appeared, wait about 2 seconds and release both buttons.

Reformat realme system from recovery mode

4. A language choice will appear, just select it English. Use the Volume up and down buttons to move and the power button to perform commands.

5. Select the menu “Wipe Data” which is in line number three.

6. Two options appear, select “Data Format“, where the option “Wipe data(Keep SMS, Contacts and Photos)” is done if we don’t want to lose phonebook data, SMS inbox and photos in the gallery.

7. If there is a notification, select the “OK” button and wait for the words “Wiped Successfully

wipe data successful on realme 5

8. After that restart the Realme phone by selecting the “menu”Reboot“.

9. If the language selection page appears, then the Realme 5 reset process has been successfully carried out.

The same Reset method can also be done for the process of resetting system settings for Realme 5S, 5 Pro and other types. Hopefully the tutorial is useful for all readers, thank you.

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