How to Overcome CCTV Xiaofang Can’t Be Opened (Regional Restriction)

Precisely in September 2020, many Xiaomi Xiaofang CCTV Smart camera users had problems when they wanted to open the camera view. There is a warning on the screen that says “Use Only in mainland China” and below it there is a Compain link to request a request of international user alias as an international user, including Indonesia.

Xiaofang CCTV not showing on Mi Home

Please note, Xiaofang and Dafang brand CCTV users in Indonesia are recommended by their sellers to setup a location by choosing Mainland China. Because the Mi Home application is updated every time, the region choice can use China’s location.

But the problem doesn’t end there, the admin as well as a user of cheap 1080 pixel CCTV camera Xiaomi Xiaofang also has the same problem, which is not being able to remotely or open the video display.

Tried repeatedly, a page still appears stating that “This product is only used in mainland China”. It turned out that after I searched on several forums, many other countries such as Malaysia and neighboring countries also couldn’t play Xiaofang’s surveillance cameras.

Xiaofang CCTV camera warning display only Chinese users

Solving CCTV Xiaofang / Dafang can’t be opened

From my own experience, it turns out that I can still remotely view Xiaofang’s CCTV video, although first I have to do an experiment such as reinstalling Mi Home, After failing, installing the old version of the Mi-Home APK, it also fails and finally either intentionally or not the video can displayed through icons that admins rarely access.

For all of my friends who experience toruble opening the Xiaofang CCTV surveillance camera because it was detected not in the territory of China, please see the tips below.

  1. With any version of Mi Home, still don’t change location, Select China
  2. Make sure you are logged into Mi Home, just use your Email or phone number
  3. Reset the camera, Press the button Setup on CCTV Xiaofang
  4. In the Mi Home application press the “+” to add device
  5. Connect CCTV by scanning the QR Code displayed on the Smartphone
  6. Continue until the process is successful and give the room a name, it can be living room, living room or others
  7. After successful, usually a warning will appear again Regional restrictions
  8. Close the Mi Home app and run it again
  9. On the main page, don’t press the name of the device with the CCTV icon, select top icon (See sample image below)
  10. Wait a moment, the Xiaofang CCTV video will appear, press the Play button to run the remote camera.
  11. If it doesn’t run, try pressing the play button again, make sure the WiFi Hotspot network is smooth.
Displaying an error XIAOMI CCTV video on Mi Home

It turns out that for Xiaomi Xiaofang CCTV owners in Indonesia, they can still see the video display from the Mi Home Application. Even though it doesn’t look like before, we can still remotely control the room without having to remove the memory card that contains the recording and play it on a smartphone or computer.

Complain to Xiaofang CCTV via Email

Even though I have used the method above, the admin is still not satisfied because the feature to view the video surveillance is not as complete as the previous feature. So, I’m also submitting a complaint containing a request for an international user.

It should also be noted that the Xiaomi xiaofang CCTV product also has two versions in sales, namely the Chinese and International versions. Where products imported from the Chinese version are characterized by low prices and they have to set the location for mainland China.

As for the Xiaofang type of international CCTV, the price is expensive because it can be used in several countries including Indonesia.

Still related to complaints via email, I tried to send an email to the address [email protected] by including the MAC address on the CCTV back sticker and a photo of the detailed product label listed on the BOX or xiaofang box.

As for how to send an email to Xiaofang to complain, as follows:

  1. Take a photo of the sticker behind the CCTV camera and Purchase Box
  2. Then open the Email application and write down the recipient’s address, namely [email protected]
  3. In the Subject section write “Request of international user
  4. Fill in the letter by writing the address MAC address camera
  5. Then attach the attachments to the 2 photo files by pressing the attachment button whose icon is in the form of paper clips
  6. After that press the send button and wait for a response from Xiaomi

While waiting for approval whether our request for international users is granted or not, we just use the video opening feature of the Xiaofang cctv camera in the above way, hopefully it will be useful.

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