How to find out BPJS Card Virtual Account for Payment via Bank

Many BPJS health insurance participants are confused when they want to pay monthly fees through banking transactions, either through ATMs or from the mobile banking application. Where there is a column that must be filled in the form of a virtual account number (VA).

Knowing the BPJS Virtual account code to pay via Bank

Then what is a BPJS Card Virtual account?. VA is a code or virtual account number that is used for identification when participants want to pay BPJS contributions through the Bank. When you want to make a BPJS payment through Bank Mandiri, BNI, BTN or BRI, the Virtual Account column must be filled in to continue the process.

It’s actually very easy to see or memorize the BPJS virtual account code, and the fastest way is to use the JKN Mobile application on an Android smartphone or iPhone.

How to activate Bank Mandiri Automatic BPJS Pay (Auto Debit) and How to pay BPJS from the BNI Mobile banking application.

How to View BPJS Virtual Account Code

  1. Install the JKN Mobile application, can be downloaded via the Play Store
  2. After creating an account, Login to the JKN application
  3. To find out the Virtual Account, select the VA Check Menu
  4. Please write or take a screenshot to save it to the phone memory
SEE CODE VA pay bpjs via bak Mandiri bni btn bri
On the Virtual account page listed on the JKN mobile application, you will see several VA codes for BPJS payments through BNI, MANDIRI, BRI and BTN Banks.

To make it easier to memorize the virtual code, just memorize the five numbers in front of it, where the next number is your BPJS card code by eliminating the two numbers in front of it.

Bank Mandiri virtual accounts start with the numbers 89888, BNI 88888, BRI 88888 and BTN 88888. For example, such as a BPJS card with the number 000123412345, you can see how to write the VA code as below:

  • BTN : 888880123412345
  • BNI: 888880123412345
  • BRI : 888880123412345
  • Mandiri : 898880123412345

If you don’t want to bother remembering or saving BPJS VA numbers, you can directly access the JKN Mobile application from a smartphone like the tutorial above.

In addition, by using the JKN application, BPJS participants can view various information related to their membership, such as adding family members, checking bills and fines, displaying the location of the nearest health facility, viewing payment history from the previous few months and so on.

Those are tips for knowing the BPJS card virtual account number that admin can share on this occasion, hopefully it will be useful for all of you readers.

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