How to Extend Telkomsel Card Active Period

Often every user often forgets the grace period on the card. Therefore, to overcome this, it is necessary to do what is called an extension. To be able to do this, pay attention to how to extend the active period of the Telkomsel card (US, SimPati, Loop) below.

extend the active period of Telkomsel cards that have entered the grace period or are forfeited

It should be noted, even though you have just purchased a Telkomsel internet data quota and then the card’s active period has expired and has entered the grace period, the internet connection will automatically not be able to be made.

So the most appropriate solution when you run out of Telkomsel internet quota, you should buy main credit which can later be used to buy data packages by accessing the *363# code on your cellphone.

How to Extend Telkomsel Card’s Active Period With Credit

One way you can do when you want to extend the active period of a Telkomsel card is to use credit. As is known, when using credit, make sure that the credit is sufficient to be able to extend the active period of the card. The method is quite easy.

  • Top up the credit at your number at the nearest counter
  • The duration of the nominal pulse purchase varies, choose one
  • Can buy credit directly through MyTelkomsel
  • It can also be done through the online shop top up service
  • After buying credit, the active period will be extended through the accumulation system
  • Telkomsel’s active period extension process is complete

How to Extend Telkomsel Card Active Period Without Top Up

Not only that, you can also extend the active period without having to top up your credit first. The method is quite simple and easy, how to extend the active period of this card is quite unique because it seems to be devoted to users who rarely top up credit.

  • Enter the call menu / dial
  • Type *999# and click dial / call
  • Then select / type option number 3
  • Then type the number 5
  • Choose the option until you find an active period package
  • Then select the active period package menu
  • Choose the duration of the active period
  • Your active period will be accumulated immediately from before
  • Information will be sent via SMS
  • Telkomsel’s active period extension process is complete

How to Activate a Dead Telkomsel Card Due to Long Time Unused

Often every card user will forget the active period of the card by not topping up the credit or even not using it for a long time. Therefore, this will cause the card to die / burn so that the network or signal does not appear. That’s a sign that the card is dead / can’t be used.

  • Go to the nearest Telkomsel Grapari
  • Don’t forget to bring your KTP and KK
  • Apply for activation of your number
  • Grapari will create a new card with the same number
  • Wait for the process to finish and try to check whether the card can be used or not

How to Check Telkomsel Card Is Still Active Or Not

Intended for all provider users to always check on their respective cards. This is intended as a form of anticipation so that later if the card is approaching the grace period you can immediately buy credit to be able to extend its active period.

  • Open the dial menu / call
  • Dial *888#
  • Press call / call
  • The remaining credit and active period will be listed
  • The active period checking process is complete

How to find out the PUK number on a Telkomsel card

To be able to find out the PUK number on the Telkomsel card, the aim is to be able to open a SIM Card that has been previously blocked because the user forgot the PIN number. Well, to find out the number there are several steps that must be passed as follows.

  • Visit Veronika’s virtual assistant on some social media apps
  • Type “Hi”
  • Then type “PUK Info”
  • Enter Telkomsel number
  • Enter OTP code
  • Choose a verification method
  • The Telkomsel virtual assistant will send PUK information

Those are some brief explanations regarding the discussion on how to extend the active period of Telkomsel cards complete with various other information related to Telkomsel cards to be able to help with card problems that are often experienced by users.

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