How to Download Instagram Videos without Downloading the App

Saving videos from Instagram is now commonplace. Because social media offers a variety of photos and videos that users can enjoy. Starting from photos or videos of entertainment or education that are very useful. Like cooking activities that are very useful because they provide information about culinary recipes.

save instagram videos without installing the app

Social media is indeed considered to have various benefits for various purposes. Starting from the personal interests of a person, business, company or media promotion of a particular brand. Instagram is indeed considered an effective promotional media because it can reach various and wider groups so that it can increase sales.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media category applications, especially for millennials today. Based on a survey of one site that examines the use of social media, namely Napoleon Cat, Instagram users in Indonesia from January to May 2020 reached 69,270,000. A fantastic number. How to Download TikTok videos without installing the app

Instagram does have a variety of features for users, ranging from creating stories or stories, uploading photos or videos to live. Downloading videos via IG is now a common thing for users. But not all users understand how. There are even more complicated ways to download, such as installing additional apps.

Know Some Sites to Download IG Videos

There are several ways to save videos from Instagram. For example, download through a site in the browser. Here are some of them.

1. DreDown

To save or download videos from Instagram, you can go through the site DreDown. The full address of the site is You just need to enter the web browser, then choose the social media platform you want. After that enter the link or link from Instagram to be downloaded.

After entering the link in the column provided, wait a while for the site to display the quality and size. You can choose the quality and size of what you download IG videos to your liking and after that just wait for the download process to complete. as for videos that have been downloaded will be stored on the device storage media.

2. DownloadGram

Downloading IG videos via the browser can be done through the site DownloadGram. You only need to access the site through a browser, then enter the link or link from Instagram. After that the site will process the link as desired.

How to download through the site is very easy for users. Users do not need to install additional applications. Additional applications also make the user must have enough memory.

3. Gramblast

One of the sites that can be used to download videos from Instagram is Gramblast. You only need to enter a link or links, then click the Download Gram button, the system will automatically process the links that have been entered.

4. ForHub

Sites that provide a way to download videos without an application are: ForHub, To search for it in a search engine is quite easy, just type ‘Forhub’ and you will find it immediately. How to download through the site is very easy. You only need to enter the link or links as desired, then click the download button. The site will process automatically.

How to Download Videos without Application

Download videos from is an easy way to implement. The site can process videos from various platforms such as Instagram as desired quickly. The site also makes it easy for users to choose the quality and size they want. So you don’t have to worry that the downloaded file will take up a lot of memory space on your device.

Downloading videos without using an app is a handy option. Because you do not need to install the application first. Additional applications also sometimes consume a lot of memory so they are considered inefficient. It’s different if you download videos via IG directly through the browser. The process is very fast and easy so it doesn’t take long to download it.

The way to download videos from is very easy. First, first copy the link or link from Instagram. The trick is to right-click the video, then select copy link. Next enter the copied link into the command box. Then wait a while, the site will process the link that has been entered.

How to download using the site is very easy. You don’t have to be afraid or worried that the video you want won’t download properly. Because the site will process automatically.

There are various ways for users to download videos from Instagram. An easy way to download is without using an app. Like downloading using various sites on the internet using a browser. This is because downloading IG videos via the browser is seen as a fast and easy way.

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