How to Downgrade Realme 5 and 5i to ColorOS 6 android 9

Downgrade Realme 5 or 5i from android 10 to android version 9 the effect can increase system and application performance. Moreover, those who have previously updated from ColorOS 6 to the latest RealmeUI find it harder to run applications such as games, it feels heavy and there is lag, it’s easy to restart itself and many other complaints.

Steps to downgrade realme 5 5s 5i

The latest android system is generally offered because it has various advantages, from adding features to improving system performance and security. However, many users of Realme 5, Realme 5s and 5i series feel that their phones are slower and heavier to run games and applications after updating to Realme UI or ColorOS 7.

To solve the problem of a slow Realme 5 or 5i due to upgrading to Android 10 with the latest RealmeUI, it can be overcome by downgrading to the previous version or the term Rollback aka downgrade.

Many Realme users are satisfied with returning the Android 10 version of Realme 5 / 5i to Android 9 ColorOS 6 without having to go to the service center. It’s enough to do it yourself at home, Download the Realme Downgrade File according to the software version and install it, it’s quite easy as it turns out.

But before deciding to downgrade the software version and the ColorOS realme version, it’s better to first see what the side effects are. If you are determined to decide to downgrade the Realme Firmware, then all risks are borne by each one.

Realme software downgrade effect

  • All data will be deleted automatically, such as photo and video files in gallery, Phone contacts, deleted applications. Before deciding to downgrade the Realme software, it is better to save or backup important data first to external memory or other devices.
  • After successfully returning to a lower version, the phone will not receive a notification if there is an update to the latest version of the Realme UI
  • If you decide to update again even though you have successfully downgraded the firmware, you must re-download the full software according to the version and type of Realme.

As for the site to download the complete firmware file for the Realme update, you can go to the website address:

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Preparation before the Realme Software Rollback

  • Make sure the suffix code for the realme software version is C.35 or C.55, for example, if there is a written version of RMX1911EX_11_C.55, it means it can be downgraded.
  • The condition of the battery is still fit and charge 70 percent and above
  • Download file rollback to smartphone storage

Please download the Realme downgrade file according to each cell phone type at the following link, all in Zip file format:

How to Downgrade / Rollback Realme 5 5s and 5i

Order of Downgrade android Realme 5 5s 5i to colorOS version 6
  1. Make sure to copy important files and data to another memory
  2. After that, download the realme 5 rollback software or adjust your type
  3. When you have finished downloading, copy the file out of the folder
  4. If you’re still confused, open the File manager on your phone and paste it outside the folder
  5. Continue to the process, press file rollback and select “Update now
  6. Later, realme will turn itself off and wipe data
  7. Wait patiently during the downgrade process, don’t interrupt or force stop it because the phone may turn off completely.
  8. Realme can be used again when the welcome screen appears welcome to ColorOS 6
The process of wiping data down the colorOS realme version

In conclusion, Returning the Realme 5 / 5i to the ColorOS 6 version with Android 9 makes the system feel even faster, playing games feels smooth and it’s not easy to restart itself.

However, in terms of features, the UI of the latest Realme is better and as a result it will take up a lot of RAM. So for those who want performance like speed and ignore the latest version of Realme software, then the solution for Rollback / Downgrade Realme 5 / 5s or 5i is the best solution.

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