How to Disable Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 and 9 Keyboard Sounds

The activity of writing messages or typing on an Android phone cannot be separated from the keyboard displayed on the screen. As with the Xiaomi redmi note 7, note 8, series 9 and other types, generally the default keyboard setting on the phone will make a knocking sound when we press the number, alphabetic or all the displays on the keyboard.

turn off typing sound on REDMI NOTE 7 8 9

For some xiaomi HP owners, there are those who feel uncomfortable with the sound that appears when typing. Some even deliberately change the sound profile of the phone to Silent mode so that they no longer hear the sound of keyboard tapping. (Also read: How to switch internet network Redmi Note 8/9 from SIM 1 to SIM 2)

Actually, we don’t need to change the phone’s sound setting to silence which causes all incoming notification sounds to be inaudible. In the Xiaomi HP settings menu, a special menu has been provided to change the keyboard sound so that it is not heard when the buttons are pressed.

How to turn off the keyboard button sound on Redmi Note 7/8/9

  1. Open Settings on Xiaomi Redmi Note phones
  2. Go to menu section Settings add and select Language & Input
  3. Select menu Set KeyboardThen access options Settings under the Gboard menu
  4. Under the language menu, go to options Preference
  5. Slide the slider on “Sounds when the button is pressed” to disable it
  6. Close the settings menu again, and try to compose a message or type

By making settings like the steps above, every time you want to type or press the phone number button on the Xiaomi smartphone, the tapping sound will no longer be heard.

The same way can also be done on several other types of Redmi Note series. And some types have changed the keyboard settings menu according to the appearance of the MIUI version used.

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