How to Connect Mi Band 3, 4 and 5 to an Android/iPhone Phone

Want to connect a Mi Band type Smartwatch with an Android / iPhone smartphone but confused about how to do it?

Connecting Mi band 3 to an android phone

There are two versions of Mi Band 3 circulating in the market today, namely the Global version with the original Chinese language and also the version that is already in Indonesian. And whatever type of smart watch bracelet made by Xiaomi you have, the way to connect to an android smartphone is the same.

Products like this multi-functional smartwatch have been circulating since 2018 and in several online marketplaces and the Xiaomi Indonesia site itself there is also a link to buy it. Read also How to display WA and phone notifications on Mi band.

With a shape like a wristband and digital clock functions in general, the Mi Band 3 functions include measuring the wearer’s heart rate, measuring step distance, alarms, reminders of sleep and work activities, reading notifications of incoming WhatsApp messages and social media on smartphones and so on. (Read: Overcome Mi Band is difficult to connect to smartphone)

There is a special application that is recommended to connect Mi Band 3 to your phone, namely Mi FIT. The Mi FIT application can be downloaded via the google play store for free for Android type phones and is available on the App Store for iPhone smartphones.

Note: For the Global version of the Mi Band 3 Bracelet type, make sure the smartphone is first set to English so that the Mi-band does not change to Chinese. And if the phone still uses Indonesian, later Mi Band 3 will still go to the Chinese version.

How to Connect (Pairing) Mi Band 3 to Smartphone

1. Activate Internet Connection on mobile and download Mi Fit App on google play

2. Once installed, please open the Mi-FIT application

3. To be able to use it, you must enter a Mi account. If you don’t have one, please create one from the “Sign up” button.

Mi band 3 connection process to smartphone

4. After successfully logging in, because there are no connected devices, please click on the option “No paired devices

5. On the Select Device to Pair page, select “band

6. A notification will appear for access rights to the Bluetooth network, please activate it. Later on the screen a “Searching” sign will appear to search for MI BAND signals in the vicinity.

7. Make sure Mi Band 3 is turned on and will vibrate indicating a pairing request. Please touch the icon that appears on your mi band.

8. Wait a moment until the Mi Band 3 is successfully connected to the phone, and wait until there is a firmware update, make sure the internet connection on the smartphone remains connected so that the upgrade process is successful.

Pairing Mi band 3 via Mi Fit app

9. On the last page after the update process, you can see some tutorial pictures on how to use Mi Band 3 and finish on the resource update display, wait for it to finish.

The tips above can also be used to connect Mi Band 1, 2, or Mi Band 4 with an Android smartphone or iPhone.

Hopefully the tips on pairing the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, 4 and 5 smartwatch to the smartphone above can be practiced easily and share this tutorial with friends if it is useful, thank you.

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