How to Connect Bluetooth Mini Speaker JBL T5 to an Android Phone

One of the Mini Portable Speaker products of the JBL (KW) brand, aka JBL fake made in China, tempts many consumers to buy it. With a price of around 36 thousand, I had time to try for myself how the sound quality. Even with prices far below the original JBL products, which are hundreds of thousands, the features are complete, such as Bluetooth connection, FM radio, reading files from MicroSD and also Flashdisk.

Bluetooth connection T5 Mini speaker to android

The sound produced by the JBL T5 Bluetooth speaker is quite good with soft bass. Even when I turn it up to the maximum volume, the sound is not rattling, it’s still smooth and pleasant to hear. But don’t expect much with the battery that runs out quickly, because it’s a fake product.

However, the advantages of this T5 mini speaker, even though the battery runs out quickly, can be tricked by plugging it into a powerbank or charging it while playing. So there is no need to turn off the device, it can still turn on even though the battery is charging.

Connecting the JBL T5 Bluetooth Speaker to Android

For those of you who have not been able to connect the Bluetooth of an Android cellphone with the T5 mini speaker, or it always fails and an error occurs when the process of syncing the two devices, the Admin will share the tips. Where almost all brands of Android phones such as Xiaomi, Samsung, OPPO, Vivo and others can be connected because the T5 Speaker has a bluetooth version 4.2 specification.

Below I give an example of how to sync Bluetooth on an Android Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 cellphone with a T5 Portable Speaker, please take a look.

How to Connect JBL Mini T5 Speaker to Android

Pairing menu bluetooth android to T5 Mini speaker
  1. Enable Bluetooth on android and Turn on Speaker
  2. Press the button ‘M‘until you hear a sound’Bluetooth Mode‘ and the flashing light
  3. On the phone go to the menu Settings > Wireless connection > Bluetooth
  4. When there is an inscriptionT5 . speakers‘ device is available, please click
  5. Confirm synchronization by pressing the Install or connect button
  6. When the speaker beeps indicating a successful connection notification, Close the phone settings menu.

Now try to turn on the youtube application or music player to play the song, when the sound is heard on the speaker, it means the sync is successful. If you want to raise the sound, you can use your cellphone or press the volume button for a while.

JBL T5 Bluetooth Speaker Button Functions

The four buttons on the T5 Mini Speaker have different functions, be it a single press or a few long presses.

  • M button, Function to select 3 different modes. Where the T5 Speaker has FM Radio mode, TF Mode (Reading from MicroSD memory / Flashdisk) and Bluetooth mode.
  • Triangle button, To start (Play) or pause (Pause) while music is playing. Meanwhile, when in FM mode, pressing the triangle button for a while will search for radio frequency channels automatically.
  • The + and – buttons, when long pressed the function can be to reduce and increase the volume, while when pressed briefly, the function changes, namely to switch tracks of songs or videos. Meanwhile, when in FM mode, a short press will change the radio channels.

Not only for Android phones, this T5 Mini Speaker can also be connected to Laptops / Computers and Tablet PCs. Even when there is an incoming call on the cellphone, the caller’s voice will automatically be heard on the speaker as a loudspeaker.

Those are brief tips on how to connect an Android cellphone with a JBL T5 Portable Mini Speaker. If anyone is still having trouble practicing it, please ask in the comments column below this article, hopefully it will be useful.

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