How to Change Dark Themed WhatsApp Background Tampilan

The chat display with a white background has been familiar to WhatsApp application users for a long time. But did you know that in its latest version, WA already has a dark themed feature with white writing and a green notification icon.

Change black background on WhatsApp

In some applications, such as YouTube or themes on smartphones, they already provide a dark background feature. Where its function is not only to save battery power, it also affects the health of its users.

Changing the WhatsApp background to a black or dark background can keep your eyes from getting tired when chatting for a long time in front of a smartphone. Likewise, in terms of battery power consumption, it lasts longer than using a light theme.

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Enabling dark mode on WhatsApp is not the same as changing the wallpaper. Where if the wallpaper only changes the appearance of the WA chat background with a certain image, but if the theme is comprehensive, starting from the chat screen, status, settings and other menus, the background will change to black.

How to Enable WhatsApp Black Display

WA chat settings menu
  1. Update the WA application to the version via the Play store
  2. Run WhatsApp, then open the Menu in the upper right corner
  3. Choose Settingsthen select menu Chat
  4. Press options Themethen change to Dark
  5. Automatically the background turns black, then close the WA settings menu

In the WhatsApp chat settings menu we can also make settings such as changing the chat wallpaper, changing the enter option to send messages, increasing or decreasing the WA font size, setting chat backups and others.

In conclusion, please try the WhatsApp dark theme feature to feel the difference between using a white background with a black color, what is certain is that the battery lasts longer and is useful for eye health because it minimizes exposure to bright light.

Those are brief tips on how to activate the dark display on the WhatsApp application, if anyone is still confused, please ask in the comments column, thank you.

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