How to Backup WhatsApp Messages to Email Address

Backing up WhatsApp conversations is an alternative for security and documentation purposes. Where if one day the contents of the WA message are deleted due to moving to a new smartphone, reinstallation of the application or the condition of the cellphone being reset, then the files stored in Email, Google Drive, Computer or other storage media can be reread.

Export WA Messages to GMAIL

Not just downloading and reading it, we can print the WhatsApp message with a printer when needed. Don’t miss the tutorial how to save WA Chat to Google Drive in the previous article.

Please note, as for the file format of WhatsApp messages stored in email accounts or other media, they are in the form of text. To read it on a smartphone, you can use the phone’s default applications such as TextViewer, HTML Viewer, Browser, WPS Office and so on. As for computer users, you can use the Notepad application, Microsoft Word and other text viewers.

How to Send WA Messages to Email

WhstApp Chat export menu to Email
  1. First, open the friend’s chat that you want to send or save to Email
  2. Then select menu Other which is in the options of the three dots in the upper corner
  3. Then enter the menu Export and Select the Email icon on the share page
  4. Enter the sender’s E-Mail address (your account) and Destination address
  5. To send an email to your own account, you can write the same address as the sender’s address
  6. After that press the Send button in the form of a triangle icon at the top
Download the WA Chat File from your Gmail account

If you want to view or read saved files, open the Email application which is usually located in the Google folder. You can also access it via a computer, can download or print it with a printer onto paper media. (See: How to send WA without saving contact number first)

How to Download WA Message files from Email

  1. Run the Email application and log in to your account
  2. Then look for the saved WhatsApp Chat file
  3. To download it, click on the down arrow icon
  4. The download process can be seen on the cellphone notification whether it is complete or not
  5. The download results can be viewed in the Downloads folder by opening the File manager application on the phone.

In conclusion, even though it is in text format which includes the date, time and the name of the sender of the message, WA message files saved to Email or Google Drive can be additional documentation besides the screenshots that are commonly used to save screen photos.

Those are short tips from on how to backup WhatsApp messages to an Email address directly from the Export feature in the application, hopefully they will be useful.

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