How to Add and Remove Google Account on Realme C2

Owners of android smartphones such as Realme C2 are also required to add a GMAIL Address to get features from various Google products, such as installing applications from the Play Store, Google Drive, Youtube, Maps and so on.

Adding a gmail account on Realme C2

The first time you buy a new Android phone, users must add their own Google account. Usually when first setup, the system will automatically give the user the option to add or skip entering the GMAIL address.

Not only one email, HP Realme C2 users and other types of android can add several Google accounts to their cellphones without limits. So if you have two or more Gmail accounts, you can input them too. Or even we can delete one of them.

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There are also many Realme C2 owners who don’t know where the menu is to add a Google Email account and how to delete it. For that, follow the steps below.

How to add Google Account on Realme C2

  1. Enter menu Arrangement realme
  2. Select menu “Accounts and Sync
  3. Continue selecting the option “Add Account” and select “Google
  4. Insert Email address (Gmail) that you have and follow the process.
  5. If you don’t have one, press the option ‘Create account‘ to create a new Email.
Menu add Email account on Realme C2

After following the steps, on the Realme C2 ‘Account and sync’ page you will see the GMail address that you entered. To add another account, the method is the same as above.

But if at some point you want to delete a google account on a Realme cellphone, either because you want to save internet data because the GMAIL application always syncs data to the server or for other reasons, you can do this with the following steps.

How to Delete Google Account on Realme C2

  1. Same as above, Go to Settings
  2. Then go to the Account and Sync option
  3. Select one of the desired Gmail Addresses list
  4. Press option “Otherthe one at the very bottom
  5. Then select the option Delete Account and approve the notification that appears on the screen.

Deleting the google account on the Realme C2 HP will only remove it from the phone system, so don’t worry about the Google account being deleted and you can re-enter it or use it on other phones.

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Those are brief tips on how to input and delete an Email address on the Realme C2 phone. The same way can also be done when you want to add a google account on RealLme C1, C3, Realme 2, 3 (Pro), 5/pro and other types.

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