How to Activate Mobile Mandiri Login with Fingerprint

The latest security feature of the Mandiri Mobile Banking Application is logging in using fingerprint verification. With this convenience, customers who have smartphones with fingerprint features can use them for authentication.

enable online self-fingerprint

In the previous feature, when you want to enter your Mandiri mobile banking account, you must enter your Username and Password. And often the worry of the wrong password 3 times makes our account blocked.

Login to Mandiri mobile banking with your fingerprint can be the easiest option when you are often in a rush to make transactions. Even if you often enter the wrong password, then use the fingerprint scanner on your cellphone to enter the account,

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To enjoy the fingerprint login feature, the Mandiri mobile banking application must first be updated.

If your smartphone was previously set to not update the application automatically, then updating is easy, just run the Play Store then press the menu in the upper left corner, select ‘My Applications’ and then press the update button on the right side of the standalone mobile icon.

As for how to activate fingerprint to enter Mandiri Online banking accountplease refer to the following steps:

1. Update the latest version of Mandiri Mobile Banking via Play Store
2. Run the application and login first using the username and password as usual.
3. On the main page, go to section menu Top left corner

Mobile self fingerprint activation settings menu

4. Then select Settings, and Check the option ‘Login with fingerprint
5. Terms and conditions will appear on the screen, please read and press the button Agree.

Mandiri online banking fingerprint scan verification

6. When it says ‘Enable fingerprint authentication for Mandiri online‘, please paste your fingerprint into the phone scanner.
7. If correct, there will be a notification on the screen when the fingerprint login feature has been activated.

To try whether the feature is successfully activated or not, please exit the application first (Logout). Then reopen Mandiri Banking and press the fingerprint button (icon) on the screen, then scan your finger.

If you are successful in logging in without entering your Mandiri Banking account password, then the fingerprint activation on your smartphone has been successfully carried out.

Notes : First, make sure your friend has activated the fingerprint screen lock on the cellphone, if not, then the activation process as above cannot be continued.

Watch the full video tutorial below:

In conclusion, although logging in with a password, I think the security is stronger than using a fingerprint, bank Mandiri customers who want to go fast and like to rush in transacting with a mobile application, of course activating fingerprint login is the best choice.

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And why does the admin assume that the fingerprint lock is not completely secure?, because under certain conditions, such as when you are fast asleep, your finger can be taped by the closest person to log in without your knowledge.

That’s the discussion of the latest feature of the Mandiri banking application, namely login authentication without a password, aka a fingerprint scan. If there are difficulties, please ask through the comments column and don’t forget to subscribe and share the video if it is useful.

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