How to Activate Bank Mandiri Automatic BPJS Pay From the JKN Application

It is mandatory to pay the BPJS Mandiri monthly dues so that you are not subject to fines or suspension of health services. The way to pay bills can be done in various ways, starting through ATM, Mobile or internet banking, through payment counters such as POS Offices, Indomart, Alfamart, Via online marketplace, Auto Debit and many others.

Paying BPJS automatically from Mandiri account

There are many incidents of participants forgetting to pay their bills so the month has passed. For this reason, BPJS is currently collaborating with Banks to provide solutions on how to pay BPJS monthly dues with the Auto Debit method of Bank Mandiri, BNI, BRI, BTN and banks that have partnered with BPJS.

Paying BPJS with the Auto Debit method is a solution for those who don’t want to be in arrears of BPJS monthly dues, either because of forgetting to pay or other reasons. Later, the account balance will automatically decrease according to the number of dependents that must be paid each month along with banking admin fees determined by each bank.

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For those of you who are Bank Mandiri customers and want to activate BPJS automatic payments, you can use the Mandiri Online Banking application, come to the nearest bank branch office or register directly through the JKN Mobile application from your smartphone.

How to Activate BPJS Auto Debit via JKN Mobile

JKN Auto Debit Registration
  1. Make sure you have installed the JKN Mobile Application on your smartphone
  2. Login to the JKN mobile account and select the Auto Debit Registration menu
  3. Select Bank Mandiri and agree to the terms by pressing the I Agree button
  4. Press the Register Auto Debit button on the page that displays the number of participants and the total cost
  5. Fill in the account number, the name of the account holder and the mobile number registered with the bank for the authentication process
  6. When done, press the Register Auto Debit button, then check the incoming SMS from Number 3355
  7. Enter the OTP code obtained then press the Verify button
  8. After the verification process is successful, the Auto Debit registration is complete
BPJS automatic payment verification process

According to information from the BPJS website, the debit process will be carried out every 5 or 10 of each month according to the provisions of each bank. So please check whether your balance has decreased in that date range or not.

If it turns out that until the end of the month the account balance does not decrease and there is no debit made by Bank Mandiri, you can contact the nearest Bank branch office or you can call online to Mandiri service number 14000.

In addition to using the JKN application interface, BPJS participants can also activate auto debit through the payment menu in the Mandiri Online application under the Auto Debit option.

Meanwhile, to cancel BPJS automatic payments, you can go through the Mandiri Online application or come directly to the nearest bank. Where for Mobile banking application users there is a special menu that is easy to use to cancel auto debit.

That’s an easy way to pay BPJS automatically from a Bank Mandiri account by activating it through the JKN Mobile Application, Hopefully you won’t be late or forget to pay your monthly dues again.

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