Enabling the Realme 3 and 5 / Pro Camera Fingerprint Shutter

Generally, Realme smartphone users will press the shutter button on the screen to aim at the object being photographed. Even though there are several options for activating the camera shutter, such as using the volume buttons, timer and fingerprint sensor.

Take realme camera photo with fingerprint

Sometimes when you want to take a selfie or selfie, pressing the shutter button icon on the screen feels difficult. Either because the hand grip does not fit or the fingers are not difficult to touch the shutter button due to the size of the phone body.

Especially now that the Realme 3, 5, XT and other newest types of cellphones have large dimensions, making it difficult to hold with one hand when you want to take a selfie. And one of the easiest solutions to take pictures / photos is using the power button or fingerprint sensor.

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Some may ask, Can the fingerprint sensor on the Realme cellphone be used to take pictures even though it’s not the owner?. Yes, the finger used to trigger the shutter button does not need verification as is the case for a screen lock.

How to activate the Realme HP fingerprint camera shutter

Here are the steps to activate the camera lighter feature with fingerprint and volume buttons on Realme 3 and 5 phones and other types.

  1. Open the camera app on the Realme phone
  2. Press the Camera Settings Button in the top position (See example)
  3. Then activate the option ‘Fingerprint Capture
  4. Also go to options ‘Volume Button‘ and select Shutter to use the volume up or down button as a camera shutter.
Realme 3/5 . camera settings menu

After making camera settings, press the back button and try to take a picture using fingerprint or volume buttons. If successful, it means that the settings are correct.

In the Realme camera menu, you can also activate the Selfie flip option, which means the selfie photos are reversed, left to right or vice versa.

There is also a watermark menu function that is useful for automatically labeling photos, so that when shared on social media they look more unique and personal.

That’s a short tutorial on how to activate the camera shutter for taking pictures with fingerprints on HP Realme 3 / Pro, Realme 5 / Pro and other types. Don’t forget to share with friends if the tips above are useful, thank you.

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