Eliminating Vibration and Touch Sounds for Realme C11 C12 and C15 Screens

When buying a new Realme smartphone such as the C11 C12 C15 series or Realme 7 and other types, the screen settings vibrate when touched and the buttons sound when pressed are factory defaults. But for those who want to disable it, it can be done easily because the menu is already available.

Turn off realme button touch sound and vibrate

For some Android smartphone users, the sound on Realme when the number keys are pressed may interfere with privacy during a meeting or certain circumstances. Likewise, when closing or unlocking the screen that always makes a sound, it makes the user feel uncomfortable and think that people nearby will see that we are accessing a smartphone.

Turning off sound and vibration when opening the screen lock or pressing the number keys on the Realme C11, C12, C15 or other latest types can be disabled through the settings menu, precisely in the System feedback section, namely the “Sound & Vibration” option. And for detailed steps you can see below.

How to turn off Realme screen touch vibration and sound

Turn off the Realme sound when the button is pressed
  1. Open the Settings Menu on HP Realme
  2. Go to Sound & Vibration section
  3. Scroll down, Find the option in the “System feedback” section
  4. Disable the Numeric keypad tones, Touch Sounds, Screen tones tones and vibrates when the screen is touched . options
  5. Close the settings menu on the Realme smartphone again

On the “Sound & Vibration” menu we can adjust settings such as changing the ringtone on the Realme C11 C12 C15 and several other types. We can change the tone of messages and incoming notifications and choose sound effects when playing music. (Read: Price Comparison of Realme C12 and C15 and their specifications)

So, for example, if we are in a meeting and we want to secretly open our smartphone without being caught by other participants, we can turn off the screen tone when unlocking. Likewise, the sound of the touch of the number keys can be turned off so that other people do not know that we are pressing the dial pad button for the phone. ( 2 Options how to update Realme system software to the latest version)

For additional tips, also disable the “Screen image sound” option whose function is to turn off the sound when taking screenshots. And for the option “Deletion sound” can also be turned off so that when we delete files there is no sound.

That’s a short tutorial on how to turn off the sound of the Realme C15 C12 C11 and Realme 7 / 7i phone buttons when pressed and disable vibration when the screen is touched, hopefully it will be useful.

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