Download Twitter Videos Online without Installing Applications

Currently, it is very easy to download Twitter videos online, even without going through additional applications. Videos available on Twitter can be downloaded directly by users of this twitter application. This is certainly very easy for users if they want to download certain videos as they wish, be it entertainment or education.

save videos from twitter without app

It is undeniable that there are currently many Twitter users in Indonesia. It even increased from 2019 to 2020 by 24% of users. So that this year, there are 166 million Twitter users in Indonesia. That number can be said to be quite high.

If you look at the number of Twitter application users in Indonesia with a very fantastic number, this is considered normal and not surprising anymore. Because Twitter has a variety of features and benefits that users can feel. Including one of the live broadcast features that are of interest to users.

This Twitter application offers a lot of features that attract users to be able to enjoy the advantages that exist in this application. Among them is that users can write tweets or are suitable for use as a place to pour their hearts out. In addition, users can mute tweets that are considered toxic or useless. Twitter has a trending topic feature. So that users can monitor what information is currently being discussed.

How to Download Instagram videos without downloading the app as well as How to Save TikTok videos without installing additional apps.

Get to know some sites to download videos via browser

For those of you who want to save Twitter videos on Android for personal needs, it is very easy. As long as you understand the method or steps. To download the current video can be done automatically, only through the browser. Here are some sites to download files automatically.

1. TWSaver

To download Twitter videos on your smartphone, for example Android, it’s very easy, you can use the TWSaver site. First, open the TWSaver site in a browser. Then open the video in this application that you will download. You can right click, then copy the video address.

After the link has been successfully copied, the next step is to paste it in the search box for the TWSaver site. The last step is to click download. The file will be automatically processed by the site. You can choose the quality or size of the file as you wish.

2. is one of the sites to download videos online. The site provides various file sizes that users can choose from. Just like other online download sites, you only need to enter an existing url or link. The link is entered in the command box, then the last step is to click download.

3. SaveTweetVid

One way to download Twitter videos online is to use the SaveTweetVid site. It’s very easy. You just have to log on to the site’s safe. Previously you need to copy the link on the file. The trick is to right-click on the file, then select copy video address.

The next step is to enter the copied link in the box provided. Then select the desired quality. The last step is to download the file based on the desired quality.

How to Download Videos on Twitter without Apps

How to download videos on Twitter without an application is very easy. One site you can use is To download the video must be done online. Make sure you have everything you need ready. Such as adequate internet quota, gadgets, laptops and computers.

After everything that is needed to Download Videos on Twitter without an Application is ready, the next step is to open the online site. Then you can first return to the Twitter video as you wish to copy the url or link. The way to copy the url is by right-clicking on the desired file and then selecting copy video address.

Next is to enter the url in the box provided. Before processing the download, you can choose the quality of the file as you wish. The quality of the file is very diverse, it can be different from one file to another. There is the best quality with a size of 720 to 1024. It really depends on each video.

The site is not only used on a desktop or computer, but can save Twitter videos on Android or smartphones. So it can be said that the platform supports various media. So that it can be used as a very appropriate choice for downloading files to make your work easier.

Currently, Twitter users in Indonesia have exceeded the number of users from last year, users of this application are increasing every year, because many new users are using this application. Downloading posts in the feed or timeline, such as videos, is very easy. In fact, we can download videos through the browser only, namely through online sites, making it easier for users.

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