Comparison of Realme C12 and C15 from specifications and prices

Consumers of Android smartphones currently have many choices of brands and types, ranging from cheap cellphones to millions of Rupiah. Like the Realme C12 type and the C15 type, both are newcomers with almost the same specifications at first glance. However, many prospective buyers want to know in more detail what are the differences between the two Chinese-made phones and their price tag.

Realme C12 vs V15 price difference

When choosing a new smartphone, usually buyers will see brief specifications written on billboards or listed in the description box, such as how much storage space capacity, processor, amount of RAM, front and rear camera resolution and other brief features. (read also 2 Ways to Update Realme Software to the latest version Online and Offline)

As for comparing HP Realme C12 and C15 through several sites or reviews on Youtube before visiting a smartphone seller’s shop, it will be more convincing to consumers. Where we can be sure of our choice and not be confused when we enter a cell phone outlet that has a lot of merchandise on display. (Also read: How to get rid of the touch sound and vibration of the Realme C11 C12 and C15 screens)

Similarities and Differences Realme C12 and C15

To compare the two, admin will briefly discuss starting from the type of processor, screen dimensions, camera, battery power to price variants according to the RAM offered.

Processor Type and RAM

Both have the same CPU specifications in terms of the type of processor and graphics card. Where the Realme C15 and C12 processor types are Helio Gaming G35 octa-core 12nm and use the GE8320 GPU.

Thus, almost all Android games today can run smoothly on these two types of Android, such as Mobile Legend, Call of Duty, PUBG, Free Fire and others. Moreover, 3GB of RAM as the lowest variant is sufficient enough to run various Android applications in multitasking.

The amount of RAM Realme C12 is 3GB plus 32GB ROM as internal storage. While the Realme C15 is given two variant options, namely 4GB RAM + 64GB (ROM) and 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM.

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Main Camera and Selfie

realme C12 specifications

The difference between the Realme C15 and C12 cameras can be seen from the number of lenses used in the rear camera and the resolution of the selfie camera. C12 with Nightscape Triple camera and C15 with Ultra-Wide Quad camera.

Main Camera REALME C12 13MP resolution with 4x digital zooming feature. The other two lenses have different functions, each 2MP Lens for B&W and 2MP for Macro features.

While the four Realme C15 camera lenses each also have their own functions, namely the main lens has a resolution of 13MP, the other three are 8MP each for Ultra-Wide Angle, namely shooting features with a wider angle of up to 119 degrees, 2MP Retro Lens and 2MP B&W.

While the front camera of the Realme C12 is 5MP, the resolution is smaller than the C15 with 8MP. The photography features have similarities such as support for AI Beauty, Filters, HDR, Portrait Mode, Timelapses and so on.

Dimensions and Screen

There is nothing different about the dimensions and screen sizes on these two smartphones. Where the C12 and C15 Realme screens are 6.5-inch HD with a Mini-Drop Fullscreen display and a screen ratio of 88.7 percent.

The screen is also equipped with scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass so there is no need to install a screen protective layer. While the screen resolution of the two types of realme is 1600 × 720 pixels with the LCD Multi-Touch Display feature.

Battery Power


The consumption of battery power on an Android smartphone is indeed a selling point in addition to the processor, RAM and camera. With a larger battery, of course, the use of the cellphone will last longer. Moreover, game lovers who can play for hours and who like to watch YouTube videos, these two types of users have the potential to waste battery power.

Realme seems to have caught this opportunity, it is proven that Realme C12 and C15 are equipped with a Mega battery with a power of 6000 mAh, which is quite large compared to other types of smartphones in their class.

In addition to power, these two types of Realme can also be used to power other devices, the term is Power Bank. While the advantages of the C15 Realme have a Quick Charge feature with 18V power using a 9V 2A charging adapter.

Operating System and Other Features

Realme C12 already uses the latest android system, as well as Realme 15 with Android 10 OS and the latest UI display. Both are also equipped with Fingerprint Sensors, Magnetic Induction Sensors, Light Sensors, additional Memory card slots and several other features.

Realme C12 vs C15 Price Comparison

The price difference between Realme C12 and C15 is not much adrift with the same RAM and Rom variants. Where the price of the C12 with the size of 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM is priced at IDR 1,899,000, for color choices there are Coral Red and Marine Blue.

While the price of the Realme C15 is Rp. 1,999,000 for the 3GB RAM + 64GB ROM type, and the highest version of 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM is Rp. 2,199,000. There are two color choices, namely Marine Blue and Seagull silver.

Note: The prices listed above are listed on the official Realme Indonesia website. There could be a price change without notice and generally the price tag at the smartphone buying and selling center has a price difference.

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